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[Image: O1r5kM4.jpg][Image: i9OY9hp.jpg]

I have no idea what these are worth. I have no clue at what I’m looking at and how to judge condition other than broken, cracked or rusted. I got these in either lots, trades and hoped one day to get into but decided against it. IF My price is off please let me know.
I am flexible in price and will consider trade plus $ for items. Shipping is $5 individual razors but i will combine shipping. I accept paypal. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you for looking!

- George Wostenholm - $60
Celebrated I-XL
Extra  Hollow Ground 
Looks really good. It came in the box shown on phots

-G.Wostenholm & Son - $40
Sheffield Eng.
Gentlemen’s Favorite
Clear yellow scales, has small crack at bottom pin. Looks good needs restoration
Comes with box

-H.Boker & Co $50
Red Injun
No 101
Razor looks like it needs and polish. To my eye i dont see any chips or warping
Comes with box

-Wade & Butcher $70 - SOLD
Razor is big and has bone or antler scales
In need of full restoration

-Red Imp -$70 - SOLD
No 132
Made in the USA by Case
Razor looks new to me. Im not sure if it is, comes with a JA Henkels Box

-Karl Engels & Sons - $20
No14 Wald Germany
kronprinz on the blade no scales just the blade with some tarnish / rust? Comes with box i got it in.

-Engelswork - $30
CW Engels
No53 Solingen Foche
Razor has tarnish / rust scales warped. Comes in its original case

-The Unique -$30
Stern & Schasseur
Neville Special on blade
Some tarnish / some scratches. Maybe warped scales

-Yasuki Steel Kamisori -$20
New azuma.
I have no idea but this thing looks homemade / industrial. Vintage maybe?

-Norvell-Shapleigh -$40
The Shapleigh Barber’s
200 - St. Louis
Made in germany

-Leather strop - $35
Hardware has some rusting, scratches on leather.

-$10 Large unbranded straight with black scales. Im not sure who or what brand it is.

-$10 Modern shavette.

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 04-29-2022, 05:10 AM
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I sent you a PM.

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 04-30-2022, 09:49 AM
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A couple sold and new price drops. Open to trade for DE razors

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