04-29-2022, 12:03 PM
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I've mentioned before how I put a vintage scuttle & brush in one of our cafe bathrooms as a decorative piece.  Today one of our out of town people who haven't been in since I've put it there was in.  After having used that particular room he mentioned the scuttle set up.  Which lead to a neat discussion about wet shaving.  As it turns out, he's originally from Russia, been in the states a while.  Was telling me of some creams and soaps he used to be able to get over in Europe.  Nothing earth shattering.  But it was a cool add to the day.
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 04-29-2022, 01:41 PM
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Cool story!

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 04-29-2022, 04:12 PM
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Nice, very nice. Good conversation and good vibes. Gotta love it. Thanks for sharing, Ron Smile

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