05-01-2022, 11:19 AM
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Got a new PEW slinger and need a few things to go with it. Offering some from my vintage hoard. Priced to move (I feel) but hit me up if you feel otherwise. All 3 are great condition and provide an excellent shave. All prices include CONUS shipping. PayPal only please. No trades.

(Sold)Berkeley Shave Selector - Adjustable 3 piece razor that you don't see very often. The shim attached to the bottom plate adds resistance as you turn the handle. Slowly turn to the desired aggression you like and shave away! Asking $20

(Sold)Ever-Ready 1914 aka Little lather catcher with case and blade bank. One of my favorites when it comes to GEM blade style razors. Always a smooth and comfortable shave and a bonus that the top cap does not have the normal wear spots on the plating from  intact with the case. Blade bank does have some vintage blades. Asking $25

Valet Auto Strop with case, useable strop, instructions, and blade bank w/ vintage blades. Wonderful condition and strop is in useable condition. I kept it conditioned and supple plus it also work with Wilkinson Imperial razors. Asking $25. Now $20

[Image: hdzNi5K.jpg]
[Image: YV2I3he.jpg]
[Image: jGXHoPR.jpg]
[Image: iD8EMRW.jpg]
[Image: EuFEYWb.jpg]
[Image: BNwYo0D.jpg]
[Image: sF8NpYi.jpg]
[Image: Pv2QI4x.jpg]
[Image: XiE1Ces.jpg]
[Image: U27J6C6.jpg]
[Image: ip7O9ND.jpg]
[Image: yVIkCy2.jpg]
[Image: zgO2KNh.jpg]
[Image: 0wQFW2b.jpg]
[Image: Ci0Kcl8.jpg]
[Image: qNnaT39.jpg]
[Image: cuON51c.jpg]
[Image: vxFQdC1.jpg]
[Image: t93hNyu.jpg]
[Image: YInoUUe.jpg]

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 05-01-2022, 11:28 AM
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Berkeley is sold

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 05-01-2022, 11:57 AM
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Ever Ready sold.

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 05-03-2022, 06:56 AM
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Price drop on the Valet.

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 05-04-2022, 04:29 PM
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Closed. Please archive

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