05-08-2022, 04:41 PM
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Dropped some handles today, a few of these have already sold, but there is some still available! Something new for this week's handle drop! I will be releasing acrylic styles:

Italian Acrylic: This acrylic is derived from an acrylic sheet maker from Italy who has been in the business for over 60 years. What's unique about this company is that the acrylic has inspiration from mother nature. Each acrylic has incredible depth to it that's nearly impossible to capture on camera, a true work of art. Available in Night Sky, Diamonds in the Rough, and Ocean Waves.

There is also a few new handle shapes featured too:

Rocket Engine Shape: Inspired by the shape of a rocket engine, this one is designed with ergonomics in mind, but definitely looks to stand out.

"Bowl Buddy": It is designed with a slot to catch on the lip of thinner, shorter bowls (will not work on thicker / longer bowls). Bigger Bowl? While it might not work with that, it also doubles as slot where you can hang the brush on your stand!

Easiest way to get reminders is to sign up for the newsletter on my site! Thanks for looking!

[Image: Gsjagf6.jpg][Image: IXJq7pi.jpg][Image: hZb3v8r.jpg]

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