05-28-2022, 11:54 AM
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Offering up one of my service sets. Set is in great condition! The tech has the normal pressure crack but still holds true. All teeth are straight and razor provides a excellent shave. Blade case holds some vintage blades. They were there when I obtained it and just felt weird tossing them out. Felt they were part of the sets history.

Would like $65 shipped CONUS but willing to work with someone due to not having the mirror. If wanted, a replica can be obtained through Razor Emporium.

PayPal only, no trades. Thanks for looking!

[Image: 93cN7yW.jpg]
[Image: 7LhpCHp.jpg]
[Image: Z8oInKO.jpg]
[Image: kHDWzO9.jpg]
[Image: moXp726.jpg]
[Image: DPuz7dR.jpg]
[Image: IUpgZxU.jpg]
[Image: JhNnppb.jpg]

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 05-28-2022, 06:59 PM
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