06-30-2022, 12:10 PM
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To say I'm pleased with this razor is an understatement. I like Dorkos to begin with, and this #43 is amazing.

As I mentioned, this came from Shave Armory in California, USA. Ryan, the proprietor was great to deal with, and while I haven't shaved with it yet, the HHT is very positive. I've got an e-mail in to him to find out his finishing protocol. I will use it as is for a time, before it meets one of my stones.

This razor came in it's original coffin, with plastic sleeve and no corrode paper intact. I enjoy getting a NOS razor that way.

Yet another Dorko.. three pin scales, which I have a weakness for, and a near wedge grind. I'm a big fan of heavy grinds... The Dorko scales are nice, pure white with the inlay.. it closes well centered, so the scales will remain.

I'm well pleased. Ryan has quite a few nice razors.. I hope my wallet can withstand it!

[Image: 17DEjRO.jpg]

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 06-30-2022, 01:11 PM
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I am not able to see your image.  Please edit.  I love Dorkos, too.

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 06-30-2022, 02:51 PM
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I have the image on Imgur.. I don't know what I'm doing wrong??

OK... I have it now.

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 06-30-2022, 04:22 PM
  • chazt
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It’s a beauty of a razor, Bill. You must be smiling big time! Thanks for sharing Thumbup

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 06-30-2022, 05:47 PM
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It's beautiful!

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 07-01-2022, 11:27 AM
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Thank you, gents!

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 07-02-2022, 05:23 AM
  • Bax
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From the subject line, I thought my Father-in-Law had shown up...

Nice razor, BnT!
- Bax

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 07-02-2022, 05:58 AM
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Lovely. NOS razor arrival is such a nice feeling, so much nicer than modern new anything, which is already pretty exciting.

Enjoy your new jewel!

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