07-14-2022, 08:29 AM
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Hi guys !!! Saponificio Varesino just launched the new Natural Deodorant line in fragrance combination with all our shaving lines.

Try Our New Deodorant Lotion and Add a Shaving Soap at 15% Off Through Sunday.
Keep Scrolling for Your Offer Code!

Saponificio Varesino's new deodorant lotions have arrived in the United States in six of our most-loved fragrances. The all-natural formulation is a highly moisturizing formula based on Rock Alum which uses its saline component to creates an inhospitable environment for the bacteria that causes odor.
It also features Volcanic Sea Water born from a journey that lasted hundreds of thousands of years as it was filtered by the volcanic rock of the island of Jeju. It has antioxidant properties and maintains a constant temperature and pH level. The addition of selected plant extracts makes this deodorant particularly performing and unique in its kind.

To redeem the offer, add one of our new Deodorant Lotions to your cart along with any of our triple-milled Shaving Soaps and enter code
------> ROCKALUM <------
at checkout to apply the 15% discount to your soap.

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