08-15-2022, 02:29 AM
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So while I was probing around for all things Auto-Strop, I found pictures of a rather interesting store display. Similar in concept to the animated GEM advertisement I mentioned a little while* back, the Auto-Strop store display takes it one step further. It not only draws the eye with motion, but uses the motion to explain what makes the Auto-Strop unique.

[Image: 1920s-auto-strop-valet-razor-electric-me...1471&ssl=1][Image: 1920s-auto-strop-valet-razor-electric-me...1007&ssl=1][Image: 1920s-auto-strop-valet-razor-electric-me...1500&ssl=1][Image: 1920s-auto-strop-valet-razor-electric-me...1500&ssl=1]

As the sharp eyed reader can surly make out, the store display features a strop and an Auto-Strop razor head. I would assume^ that the box contains an electric motor, a flywheel, and a linkage to make the hand holding the razor move back and forth. As the razor head is moved, the Auto-Strop head would do its thing and flip the blade over for stropping.

All in all a neat piece of shaving and salesmanship history. Today the same thing would been achieved with a small LCD screen and a system-on-a-chip. That would be smaller, cheaper, and much less fun.

*) Three years is hardly any time at all, is it?
^) Based on a bit of guesswork.

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 08-15-2022, 05:19 AM
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Hans, the array of history today is awesomely done! Thank you.

On first glance, I thought the dirty display was showing us a bloody shaver. While a bit macabre, it would make an excellent selling point, i.e., don’t use the competition’s product, it’ll make you a bloody mess. Use our groovy new product instead!

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