08-23-2022, 10:20 AM
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Second go around with the Flexi. Don't know the release version and honestly it makes no difference to me. I sold the first one and felt like I hadn't quite given it its fair due. Saw a used one on the Murphy & McNeil site for under $50 US so, I jumped on it. Plus, it was described as flawless and it practically was. For the $$$ it was a no brainier.

Put in 3-4 shaves of late and they have been solid shaves. Nothing mind blowing nor spectacular but, very good nonetheless. I've used a Feather exclusively in the Flexi and it has worked quite well keeping that bit of first use harshness from the Feather at a very tame feeling but, cutting very well.

I'll hang with the Flexi for a full month or two and see where it leads me. Great shaves to all...

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 08-23-2022, 12:43 PM
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Excellent. Keep us posted  Icon_popcorn

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