10-10-2012, 03:28 PM
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[Image: P1250654.JPG?m=1349906408]

After my positive experience with the 22 mm silvertip and the 20 mm silvertip knot , I decided to get a 24 mm silvertip brush , which I bought from edgerunner.

My friend edgerunner got this brush with a loft set at 49 mm and when I got this brush I saw that it wasnt gonna work for me due to its shorter loft and extreme bulb shaped , so I decided to steam the knot and set it over 53 mm. I was also concern that the hair was gonna be kind of floppy by doing that , but I was wrong about.

The knot came off easily after 20 minutes of steaming , but unfortunately , the glue have covered some parts of the badger hair , which I had to removed with nail polish remover (it seems it worked but it was very "stinky"!).At the end , I set the knot around 54 mm , and oh boy , that was a change there.

[Image: P1250655.JPG?m=1349906409]

This silvertip hair is not the most luxurious that you can find on the market , but come on , we are talking about a knot which cost 22 dollars.The hair is kind of scritchy when dry but the tips become softer once its wet.However, I can feel some scritchiness there still.I think that this brush needs more use to fully soften.

The backbone is turly there due to a glue bump , which gives a good firmness while keeping some flexibility.

And , believe it or not , this brush contains a lot of badger hair for its price : I would say a good medium density , as you can see in this pic :

[Image: P1250656.JPG?m=1349906411]

I got this brush with a handle also from WD , which I already have tried it with a 24 mm TGN finest knot.The handle is ok , nothing special to report about it.

However , this knot , for 22 mm , its an excellent contender.For me , these WD silvertip knots are the equivalent to TGN Silvertip Grade A , but much cheaper.

You can get one of these WD knots and ask Oscar11 to make you a handle (or another artisan maker) and get a heck of a good brush for under 60 dollars.

Yes , for its price , WD knots offers you good quality.We will see if they keep that quality in the future and how much would raise their prices too.

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 10-10-2012, 08:22 PM
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Teiste, thanks for the review.

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 10-11-2012, 12:59 AM
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Thanks, for the review.

By accident I ordered two days ago the same brush with a loft of 50mm.

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