09-18-2022, 04:15 AM
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More items on the chopping block. I am original owner of soaps and splashes as well as the blue brush. All prices are shipped CONUS, AFO, APO. Outside CONUS buyer pays shipping. PayPal only.
*Will not split soap/splash set and will not ship splashes outside the US. If you think prices are off hit me up to discuss.

Aftershave lot - $30 - now $27 - Now $25 see levels
Declaration ?
SWC Carpathia - (2/3 full)
Stirling Arkadia

Gorgeous blue brush with white synthetic knot - $20. Now $18 $16
Star SE $12. Now $10
Gillette ball end - $12. Now $10

(Sold) Zingari Merchant Set - Retail around $50. Asking $35.

(Sold) Fuller brush with Maggard knot - $20
(Sold) FSC Petrichor & Hinoki - Bison Tallow - $30. Max does not sell soaps and only makes small batches for himself and a few to give away. Renders his own fat, etc Excellent base and performance! Petrichor is one of the best Petrichor scents I've used and Hinoki is a light Japanese cedar scent. I did some trades and got from him new so open to trades on these. Price listed is for both shipped if someone wished to buy outright. Open to trades for MWF pucks, wood soap bowls, vintage brush handles (wood preferred), etc. Let me know what you got.

[Image: eDATISM.jpg]
[Image: qyD5gCs.jpg]
[Image: 4OQEeud.jpg]
[Image: BrScLkJ.jpg]
[Image: ubsg1c1.jpg]
[Image: ILKjhZj.jpg]
[Image: Bkk0uTO.jpg]
[Image: MSImuZJ.jpg]
[Image: MLJ9NY3.jpg]
[Image: aBy7X29.jpg]
[Image: AmX5zbJ.jpg]
[Image: DmU2Hds.jpg]
[Image: eqvZLcj.jpg]
[Image: fZd6EYM.jpg]
[Image: Ozglzkr.jpg]
[Image: dpo3zLP.jpg]

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 09-18-2022, 05:03 AM
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FSC soaps sold

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 09-18-2022, 06:23 AM
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Fuller brush sold

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 09-19-2022, 09:12 AM
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Price drop on remaining

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 09-22-2022, 02:19 PM
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Final price drops

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 09-23-2022, 09:29 AM
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Merchant set sold

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 09-29-2022, 02:28 PM
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Closed. Please archive

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