09-19-2022, 09:21 AM
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Selling off another two razors as I trim down the den. Prices include US shipping. International shipping, assume another $20 to the total. 

1. Carbon Cx-Ti Mild (-) with R2 handle, all titanium configuration: $245 SOLD ($379 retail)
2. OneBlade Genesis V1 razor, serial # 0BGM-03138. Confirmed that an unmodified de-spined GEM is accepted without any blade trimming and shimming. Gunmetal color, including an add-on OneBlade silicone grip, all original accessories, and 20 Feather Blades. Everything in perfect condition. $189 SOLD ($350 retail)

[Image: sM3n5wd.jpg][Image: uDXmrxO.jpg][Image: 7bCNeav.jpg][Image: xVcdQbI.jpg]

[Image: vtZbcZG.jpg][Image: cdcaayF.jpg][Image: XjQbu05.jpg][Image: gN5nzty.jpg]

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