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Picked up a polished Evo when Alpha had their 50% off site wide sale a couple weeks back and it came in yesterday. My first Evo was of the matte finish and it performed as good as any other SE I’ve used in the AC format. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to experience the Evo with just two particular blades. The Feather Pro & the Schick Prolines as my razor was one of the early ones from the first release that would not accept all of the blades. I never sent it back as I felt it wasn’t necessary as the Evo with its shortcomings still delivered fabulous shaves. 

Well, as you can see from the pic below, I installed a Feather Pro Super (one of my favorite if not most favorite blade in the AC format) and it was a superb, superb shave. For those that don’t know and those that do, I don’t mind a bit of blade feel in my shave and have come accustomed to blade forward designed razors. The Asylum V1 was an exceptionally blade forward design that really needed one to dot their i’s and cross their t’s in using it as well as another favorite of mine the Ikon El Jefe. When used with proper technique & care, there weren’t many razors in all of shave kingdom that could equal that feel and performance.

Here, the Claymore Evo does not come close to those two legendary razors in feel but, in performance it’s lockstep with those aforementioned two with a much easier feel on the skin and nearly as smooth performing as if a Proline were installed. Only other razor that I think comes close if not surpassing it is the Vector from Blackland. Though the Vector is more nimble in hand and such an easy razor to maneuver anywhere on one’s face, the Claymore Evo is no slouch. It does feel more robust and substantial yet, there is an excellent balance with the razor in hand. I think that my Brass General is just a tiny bit smoother than the Evo but, it’s not by much. And the Brass General is my favorite AC styled razor of all time and is in my top 3 favorites regardless of blade format. The Claymore Evo is in good company. Easier than either of the Rx & El Jefe and right there with the Vector & Brass General in efficiency with combined smoothness.

Just a fantastic performing razor with a Feather Pro Super installed. Great shaves to all…

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