12-06-2022, 03:27 PM
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Fellow Nookers

This is a "Westras" travel razor which I first thought was a Zippo lighter, but unfortunately scratched up a bit here and there. As can be seen by the stamps, it was made in Austria, and has the D.R.G.M. stamp - a German/Austrian abbreviated copyright designation meaning "Gebrauchsmuster" ("Utility Model"). 

Notes: Do the parts match? I thought surely not, but YES they absolutely do. I will post a link below to another example I found on another site (if that is allowed here?). Secondly, the cap is stamped "Dewar's IMPERIAL" (whisky) so this razor is probably a product gift. Date? Well, Dewar's Imperial distilleries started production in 1897, stopped production after a year or two, then began production again in 1919, ceasing in 1925, then resuming in 1955. So I'm dating this razor to between 1919 and 1925.

Note the flat base plate and the flat underside of the cap. Matched. The cap seems to be chromed zamac/k(?); the baseplate stamped steel. The handle components look mismatched, but they are not. 

No, I haven't shaved with it. I might not, either Smile

In terms of early flat base plates, I am developing an interest. I thought a thread could commence(?) Anyway, pictures:

[Image: IRNdGxE.jpg]
[Image: ddZl5ED.jpg]
[Image: OEvCVGP.jpg]
[Image: ZvtJ7ho.jpg]

And here is the link to the other example from a German razor collectors site (no "Dewar's" cap):


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 12-06-2022, 06:57 PM
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This is a really cool one, Shaun. Everything about it screams, “Great Score!” Aaaaa Everything Cool

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 12-07-2022, 07:16 PM
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Awesome, thanks for sharing Shaun!

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