12-15-2022, 02:59 PM
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Every tried Aftershave Powder?

I see Proraso makes one. Inexpensive. I'm tempted to try.

Anyone familiar with this? Do you still use a splash first?

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 12-16-2022, 12:04 PM
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I often use a post-shave talcum powder and that it adds an excellent finale to the process.

Many products today are no longer talc but are actually scented cornstarch. Not for me.

Also I usually prefer an unscented talc, with DR Harris and Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet talc (long out of production) being exceptions.

I mostly use and recommend Pashana Talcum Powder: Pure Sterilized and Unscented.  It's a UK product that comes in inexpensive 350g containers.   I got two containers from the UK at what I thought was a reasonable price but can't recall the source.

Happy shaves!

[Image: pashana-uperfumed-talcum-powder-350gr.jpg]

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