01-07-2023, 03:59 PM
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I wanted to share my recently acquired Every Ready SE. They go by different names, but I have most commonly seen Streamline and Ambassador to describe this razor. It is quite weighty and in excellent condition. Most of these razors I see are in quite good condition, which may owe to the heavier than usual plating that was used. I do not have the case and purchased it from eBay UK where they appear to be more plentiful than in the US.

There is no plating loss and only some superficial scratches. These razors were made in both the 1930s and 1950s I believe. There is a way to tell which decade, but I don't know what to look for. 

In terms of performance, it is quite a bit more aggressive than the 1912s IMO. Nice heft in the hand, and pretty smooth overall. I like the longer handle and chunkier knurling and pommel than you see on most of the Gem type razors. 

[Image: 1JYYcsb.jpg][Image: Ft5LRPe.jpg][Image: rMnIG7h.jpg]

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 01-07-2023, 04:03 PM
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Beautiful razor! Congrats on obtaining.

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 01-07-2023, 04:57 PM
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It appears to be in excellent condition.

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 01-08-2023, 03:57 AM
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Very nice - one of my favorites both in looks & shaving ability.  If I understand the difference yours is an earlier (1930's) version based on the smaller openings in the baseplate

Edit - here's what I believe is the 50's version note baseplate differences

[Image: OENq7qr.jpg]

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 01-15-2023, 07:01 AM
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Wonderful razor congratulations. Yours is a 1950s Jewel which has no notch at the top thumb push down opening mechanism and a thicker handle than the other 1950s Streamline which has the opening at the notch area and thinner handle. The 1930s razor has the larger openings at the back base and no open grating at the front razors edge and does not shave as well as the 1950s models.

I have been using the Jewel since the late 1980s (I found this razor in an antique store in New York) till this day a least once or twice a month. It was about 6-7 years ago that I changed out the handle for a Stork Aristocrat TI 13 x 90 (you would need a set screw 10/32, 3/8 or1/2 in length to use with another handle for the razor) and it improved the balance and shave immensely. One thing of note because of the thickness and stiffness of the blade and gap opening the Streamline gives the loudest feedback of any razor I have ever used. 

I thought of getting a Wolfman gem but decided against it because I would be comparing it to the Steamline which I feel for me is the perfect gem razor. Also because I have no idea of the gap openings I wouldn't know what Wolfman to get that would work for me and I'm tired of spending a lot of money and the long wait time to find the right Wolf.  As far as finding the right Wolf for me I purchased 4 Wolfs 1s to find the right one which is a 96 DC in SS. obviously my other Wolfs are in different gap settings collecting dust somewhere. Lesson learned is I will not purchase razors like this again.

Again congrats of your Streamline and may you have many years of enjoyable shaves.

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