01-22-2023, 10:04 AM
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Offering up a few odds and ends. Price includes CONUS shipping.

Wenbdon Lavender soap bowl restored by me. The font style and engraving on the lib made me think old world so I gave it a old German cuckoo clock look. My own color blend that gives a dark walnut look at one angle and a lighter golden hue in another. Bowl is filled with original Barrister and Mann Latha Lavanda. Asking $25

A&E Canabliss Santal set. See images for levels. Great scent and performance but not reaching for it. $25

Star razor - $10
Peerless Nylon brush - $10

[Image: Xkzlp8V.jpg]
[Image: HvhTyfV.jpg]
[Image: f0D4Jzi.jpg]
[Image: CbmqXbP.jpg]
[Image: 3bugYrW.jpg]
[Image: kCdEnrC.jpg]
[Image: eCwKiEp.jpg]
[Image: gCSVEgi.jpg]
[Image: t87A8LI.jpg]
[Image: HYbSw83.jpg]
[Image: VUNbSEY.jpg]
[Image: xE0UbyQ.jpg]
[Image: QpwqeR2.jpg]

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