02-01-2023, 10:59 AM
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CLOSED-2021-Rocnel Sailor W/STAND & BOX

I have a very lightly used 2021 SS model that I purchased from Bullgoose Shaving (I am the only/original owner) on 06/02/21.

I will sell it for what I paid for it: $489 USD. It has maybe 5 or 6 shaves on it. I prefer NON-adjustable razors and THIS is the main reason for the sale. It in in near mint condition and includes all the 'BOX items' it came with. 

ALSO, I have a nice SS STAND that fits it really well, and it is INCLUDED (F/FREE)

Also, I closed my PayPal account a couple of months ago and we will need to agree on a form of payment, like a certified check or Postal Money order (I have done this recently and it also means NO fees).

I have 48 positive Feedbacks on DFS, and about as many on TSN.

[Image: oPYueQg.jpg]
[Image: IOf90iY.jpg]
[Image: E1cOqJE.jpg]
[Image: vVHzvK7.jpg]
[Image: rQnpKb0.jpg]
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