02-04-2023, 09:55 PM
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Has anyone tried Saponificio Varesino EDP Felce Aromatic? I am interested in the shaving soap and balm after finishing an Opuntia soap/balm run and was wondering if an EDP might also be worth a try.

If so, what is longevity/scent like? Is it similar to Green Irish Tweed?

Any thoughts on SV EDP's other than Felce Aromatica are also welcome.

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 02-05-2023, 11:07 PM
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I love Felce (soap, aftershave). I have 70th Anniversary EDP - it’s got medium projection and longevity and perfectly matches the soap and aftershave. If you want to try out different SV scents, pick up one of their aftershave sampler packs like this

[Image: samples-clean-Lightcopy_800x.jpg?v=1664456791]

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