02-21-2023, 06:38 PM
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I have another Karve head on order specifically for this project but with me being impatient I decided to work with the one I just spent that time and effort polishing.

I have a handle that I had Rod George of Rod George Shave designs make for me about 2 years ago that I have struggled finding a head I enjoyed with it as a daily. I enjoy the Karve and brass can match the look I want that favors the handle.

Process took about 2 hours and I have to say I'm happy with the look. It looks a little rough feeling in the images but is actually a smooth finish. I definitely plan to keep this one in rotation more often.

[Image: yEyNzxv.jpg]
[Image: kWbl78y.jpg]
[Image: DKxoeFC.jpg]
[Image: y8e279O.jpg]

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 02-21-2023, 07:18 PM
  • chazt
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Very interesting. Thanks for the pics Freddie Thumbsup

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 02-24-2023, 08:43 PM
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Gorgeous patina Freddie, very unique razor.

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 02-25-2023, 07:15 AM
  • RyznRio
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Not my taste (I like shiny) but this is your razor and if you like it, more power to ya.

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 02-25-2023, 08:37 AM
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What method did you use to force the patina?

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 02-25-2023, 10:52 AM
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(02-25-2023, 08:37 AM)TheLegalRazor Wrote: What method did you use to force the patina?

I washed the top cap and bottom plate with warm water and soap, making sure to wear gloves so as not to get any natural oils from my skin back on the pieces. You can use whatever but I placed 2 sockets from a socket set into the bottom of a Tupperware dish and then filled the dish with ammonia to about 4-5 mm below the tops of the socket. I sprayed a mist of water on the stes then placed them on the sockets (do not immerse into the ammonia) and sealed with the Tupperware lid. The fumes from the ammonia will interact with the water and force the patina. Mine were around 2.5 to 3 hours.

If you don't want as drastic a change then clean the plates as above but place in a glass or plastic dish (not metal) with a mix of apple cider or white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and around half tablespoon of salt. This will give brass  more brown, golden patina. Some of it will wipe off but it helps to speed up the process.

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 02-25-2023, 10:53 AM
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(02-25-2023, 07:15 AM)RyznRio Wrote: Not my taste (I like shiny) but this is your razor and if you like it, more power to ya.

Thanks! I love shiny as well and have a brass Karve I polished. I just did this particular set up to match the handle.

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