02-26-2023, 05:13 PM
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A number of items on offer today. All items meticulously cared for. Prices include CONUS shipping, international quotes upon request.

- Karve Brass Christopher Bradley with F plate (SB) and Widebody top cap on a 3.25in handle- all NEW/UNUSED, offering for $80 (Retail price at Maggards would be $98)

- Karve Stainless Steel Christopher Bradley with E plate (SB) on a 3.5in handle, as well C/D/F SB plates. Razor and all plates are NEW/UNUSED. This razor and plates would retail for north of $260 USD. Offering razor and plates here for $175. (Retail price at Maggards for this razor and plates would be $311) SOLD

- Muhle R41, used 1x, presents as new - $25 (retail ranges from $34.50 - 45.00 depending on vendor)

- Feather Professional Super AC blades - 10 x 20 (200 per box) all packs sealed - $75 each (available for $129 on Amazon) (one SOLD)

- Sebum Latte soap and serum set, both NEW/UNUSED - $175 (only available by commission, which I believe would be north of $300 (price is not advertised))

- Darwin Bay Rum soap - 3x 100g refills - $50 for all three (retail is $32.50 each, so $97.50)

[Image: 2V9ogN8.jpg]
[Image: G95JObJ.jpg]
[Image: NgzLhmK.jpg]
[Image: 7ikw0NM.jpg]
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