03-12-2023, 10:48 AM
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Please add $5 for CONUS shipping. PayPal only, no trades please.

Brass Karve D plate - $15

Century Shave brush w/ 22mm Maggard knot - $25 (Sold)

100+ year old Rubberset w/ 15mm badger. Just finished this one. Lettering is original. Badger knot is from Razor Emporium.   Knit has not touched water can be used or just as display - $25. (Sold)

Canadian made Rubberset handle. I call this one the Tuxedo. Couple of small spots on the base but still a beautiful piece. Will hold 24mm knot. These Rubberset have a post once old knot is removed so used a quarter to make a base for new knot. - $15 (Sold)

Ever Ready wall mounted brush holder - $10 (Sold)

Cased Ronson with book. Pains time to part with but something has to go for something to come in. Razor in beautiful condition and functions as should. Comes with blade case. I would use modded half DE or injector blades. Wonderful shave! $50 (Sold)

[Image: 1ZK1uj4.jpg]
[Image: TDJBAYy.jpg]
[Image: 6zWXMVL.jpg]
[Image: z1ZDbZR.jpg]
[Image: iO0kxgs.jpg]
[Image: 2QDr1SW.jpg]
[Image: zkWBahb.jpg]
[Image: QFd1GhG.jpg]
[Image: 3K1PTND.jpg]
[Image: reQmq9V.jpg]
[Image: 6TEz6so.jpg]
[Image: zh8Mkys.jpg]
[Image: UzEk3a7.jpg]
[Image: RZk14T5.jpg]
[Image: xdEd6v4.jpg]

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 03-13-2023, 04:24 AM
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All items sold except Karve plate. D plate still available.

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 03-14-2023, 11:28 AM
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Karve still available?

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 03-14-2023, 12:29 PM
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(03-14-2023, 11:28 AM)FayizD Wrote: Karve still available?

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Yes it is

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