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As mentioned last week, I just received a Type A from down under. And I already have a Type B (two, actually). And as I pointed out when I posted pictures of the Type A, the square hole didn’t align neatly with the head as it does in the Type B.

Which means, logically, that there has to be a difference in the head geometry between the two models. In the Type B, the blade has to be parallel with the sideway of the razor. In the Type A, it ought to be inclined somewhat. And that should be possible to see in a side-by-side comparison.

And as luck will have it, I got both early Schicks available… well, you knew that, since I keep talking about them. So let us have a peek.

[Image: 2023-03-12-19.57.08-1-1024x541.jpg]
Side by side comparison of head geometry of a Schick Type A (right) and Type B (left)

The Type B is on the left, and the Type A on the right. As can be seen, the Type B holds the blade at a normal (i.e.: 90°) angle to the pivot – and thus it is parallel to the side of the handle. On the Type A on the other hand, the blade is held at a slight acute angle to the pivot.

Or in other words, on a Type A the edge of the blade points slightly down towards the handle. On a Type B the edge points straight out from the handle.

The upshot of all that? Beyond being a curiosity, it means that the two different models of the Schick Magazine Repeating Razor will have to be held at slightly different angles to shave with. The Type A will have to have the handle ever so slightly more tilted towards the face. The C – while I don’t own one (yet) – should handle much like a type B, since I assume the blade is held parallel to the sidewall of the square handle.

Apart from that, it means nothing. An interesting curiosa, but isn’t this hobby full of such fun titbits?

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