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Ikon and Kindle have been sold. Straight still available.
Hi guys. I have 3 items for sale today. First is an Ikon S3S, Beautiful condition, less than a year old. Includes the original box and I'll even throw in some blades. ( I will pick them out of my stash)
Asking for 150.00 usd plus 6 bucks shipping. USA out side the USA might be a little more.

[Image: ikon2.jpg]

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Ultimate Pro 150 Straight Razor. I don't have the tools to sharpen it, and honestly I decided I don't wanna mess with it right now. It's in good condition. it closes nicely and doesn't seem to have any issues, other than its not shave ready.
Asking 30.00 usd plus 3 usd shipping USA. Outside USA might be a little more.

[Image: 43021300.jpg]

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Original Kindle Fire - Rooted and updated to Jelly Bean 4.1.1
Asking 125.00 plus 6 usd shipping. Outside USA it will be a little more.

This is the original Kindle fire, less than a year old. It's been rooted and updated to Jelly Bean 4.1.1. The kindle is in perfect working order. Absolutely no scratches on the screen, because its always had a screen protector.

The back is also in perfect condition because as you can tell from the picture I've had a TPU roocase brand case to protect it. It has always been used by an adult, and never been dropped or mistreated. It also has the google apps installed so you have access to google play store. you can also install kindle software to read all the kindle books.

The unit will come factory reset. Ready for you to install your own account. I will also include a Brand new Screen protector, used roocase case to protect it, and a usb cable/wall charger combo.

[Image: kindlefire.jpg]

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