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[Image: P1250701.JPG?m=1350331498]

Thanks to a good members of this shaving board , I had the chance to shave , test and try the
Simpson Classic 1 super badger two band and the Simpson Classic 1 Manchurian badger. I already had the Simpson Classic 1 best badger. and now its the time for "the battle of the Simpson Classic 1" shaving brushes.Which one would be my personal winner?

I dont think that there is such thing like a winner , I must say , since the 3 brushes have a lot of good things to offer.However , I do have a favorite among the 3 of them , which I think , many of you , already know.


[Image: P1250518.JPG?m=1348531344]

I dont have a good set of calipers here , so dont take my word to be the exact measure of each one.

-Simpson Classic 1 best badger :
  • Knot : 22 mm
  • Hair Loft : 44 mm
  • Total Height : 84 mm

-Simpson Classic 1 super badger :
  • 22 mm knot
  • 46 mm loft
  • 87 mm total height

-Simpson Classic 1 Manchurian badger :
  • 22 mm knot
  • 46 mm loft
  • 87 mm total height

The lofts of the super badger and the Manchurian are 2 mm taller than the best badger one.

[Image: P1250517.JPG?m=1348531344]

The knots are basically the same +/- 0, 5 mm.

Hair density

[Image: P1250519.JPG?m=1348531433]

As you can appreciate in the above picture , the best badger has more density badger hair , followed very closely by the Manchurian and far from the super badger.

The Manchurian and super badger two band are thicker hair than the best badger , which is thinner.That could give us the explanation why the best badger is more densely packed with hair than the other two

Also , the Classic 1 super badger was "designed" by his owner , to be a travel brush , which could dry out very quick , so less density of hair helps to that.

Brush construction

[Image: P1250520.JPG?m=1348531433]

Here is no doubt about it : the 3 brushes are superbly constructed and well finish it.The badger hair knots are perfectly hand made and no a single flaw or defect on the handles , which are simply fantastic and stunning.The 3 brushes are a delight for the eyes.

The best badger and Manchurian badger have a fan shaped knot.Maybe the best is more of a hybrid while the Manchurian is more clear to be fan shaped.The super badger two band is clearly a bulb shaped.

[Image: P1250516.JPG?m=1348531342]

Softness of the tips

[Image: P1250515.JPG?m=1348531282]

Is it tough to say which one has softer tips , since the 3 of them "feel" different on the face , due to the amount of hair , backbone , flow , shape of the knot and so on. Again , the 3 of them feel very different on the face , but I would say that the best badger is the softer one of the 3 , even when the super badger two band has softer tips.How could it be then?Well , the shape of the knot.The best badger is easy to use with circular movements on the face and feels like a small "wall of badger hair" due to its density.The super badger two band has a very pronounced bulb shaped , which doesnt allows to use it very well with circular strokes , and when its use with those strokes , feels kind of rough , due to the uneven hairs (longer in the middle , shorter by the sides).

The Manchurian badger is much softer than the Tulip 3 Manchurian that I have tried , but some scritchiness is still there , and I believe that its owner took really well care of softening it , before he sent it my way.

The best badger has some kind of "scrubinness" but its not scritchy at all.

While dry , the super badger two band feels the softer one , and while wet , the same , but I can only use it with painting stokes.


[Image: P1250470.JPG?m=1348337369]

Even when the super badger two band has less hair density than the best and the Manchurian badger , is the one which has a firmer backbone , due to the natural firmness of its hair.But this is has a price , which is less flow than the best and the Manchurian badger.

The Manchurian has also the best combination of firm backbone and good flow , I would say : is not too firm , either soft (far , very far away from floppy) and it does blooms , once is wet , less than the best badger.

The best badger has more flow than the other 2 , and a good backbone , due to its shorter loft and extra density of badger hair.If this brush would have a 46 mm loft , like the Manchurian or super badger two band , would be a little bit floppier than expected , I would say.

The super badger 2 band doesnt have too much of a bloom either.

[Image: P1250715.JPG?m=1350334040]

Making lather

For this test I have used a triple milled shaving soap (D.R. Harris lavender) and I had load the brushes with the soap for 30 seconds , palm lather for 30 seconds and finish lathering when I decided that the lather was the perfect one to shave with.

I must say that the 3 of them behave like soap killers , specially the Manchurian badger and the Super Badger two band.

-Super badger two band :

Here is a pic of the brush after 30 seconds of loading it with the Harris Lavender soap :

[Image: P1250705.JPG?m=1350331672]

After 30 seconds making lather on the palm on my hand , with painting and circular strokes :

[Image: P1250706.JPG?m=1350331672]

and the final lather , after a minute of palm lathering :

[Image: P1250707.JPG?m=1350331675]

This brush makes lather very easily due to the thicker and extra firm hair and also , due to the less density of hair , which makes easier for the water , air and soap to mix , creating lather.

On the other hand , I didnt get as much lather with it , as I did with the Manchurian and best badger.

Another advantage of this brush , is that it dries very quickly , much quickly than the other 2 ones.

-Simpson Classic 1 Manchurian badger :

Here is a pic of the brush after 30 seconds of loading it with the Harris Lavender soap :

[Image: P1250708.JPG?m=1350331737]

After 30 seconds making lather on the palm of my hand with circular strokes :

[Image: P1250709.JPG?m=1350331736]

-Final lather after a minute and 17 seconds :

[Image: P1250710.JPG?m=1350331739]

This brush is a triple milled shaving soap mass murderer.Seriously.Its a killer.Check the first pic and see how much soap was capable to pick.The second pic shows you how dense the lather is after 30 seconds and the third pic , the quantity and quality of the lather.

It makes the thicker and creamier lather of the 3 , I would say , in almost the same amount of time.

-Simpson Classic 1 best badger :

Here is a pic of the brush after 30 seconds of loading it with the Harris Lavender soap :

[Image: P1250712.JPG?m=1350331799]

After 30 seconds making lather on the palm of my hand with circular strokes :

[Image: P1250713.JPG?m=1350331798]

Final lather after a minute and twelve seconds o palm lathering :

[Image: P1250714.JPG?m=1350331796]

The Manchurian badger is a soap killer , but lest be honest , this best badger is almost the same killer.It creates thick and creamy lather very quick too , and pick ups almost the same amount of soap than the Manchurian badger.

The 3 brushes really shine with soaps and sticks , but also can be used with shaving creams. They,re not my fav for shaving creams , but hey , nothing is perfect.


The Simpson Classic 1 best badger cost 108 at Bullgooseshaving , where I got it.

The Manchurian badger and the super badger cost much more , and both can be bought by request at the Simpson shaving brushes online store.

The price difference between the Manchurian and the Super Badger two band is over 50 dollars with the best badger option.

Final thoughts

Three excellent brushes , no doubt or hesitation about it.

The Super badger two band is perfect if you want a travel brush , due that it will dry out very fast and makes lather in no time from shaving soaps and sticks.
I only find it pleasant to use with painting strokes , but its bulb shaped was designed for that.

The Manchurian badger is the one for those who are willing to pay extra money and enjoy a extremely good brush for shaving soaps and face lathering.If you also like a little bit of scritchiness while face lathering , this is your brush.Also great combination of backbone and natural hair flexibility. Very expensive too : the rarity of its hair makes it almost 100 dollars more expensive than the Classic 1 best badger.Also , this is not a regular production Simpson brush , since the Manchurian hair is not that easy to get.

The best badger is the cheapest one of the 3 and , lest be honest , the best option for the money.Its the one which has more density of the 3 , making it a Chubby 0 basically , and provides a good amount of flow and backbone.While I enjoyed using the other two Classic brushes , this would be my personal option.

Hope you enjoyed , as I did , reading this article , and thanks to the good members of this forum for providing me the chance to test the Manchurian and Super Badger two band Classic 1 brushes.

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 10-15-2012, 01:21 PM
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Excellent write up and review, Sir Teiste.Clap

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 10-15-2012, 01:40 PM
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Excellent post Tieste and beautifully photographed . . . exactly the sort of thing I like to read.


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 10-15-2012, 02:10 PM
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Thank you Teiste for another excellent and well written and photographed review. Your comparison of the three Simpson Classic 1 brushes is very informative and provides readers with a superb review of the 3 grades of Simpson badger hair. Well done!

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 10-15-2012, 02:46 PM
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Beautifully done Teiste. I use mine for travel but they are great all around brushes indeed.

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 10-15-2012, 04:02 PM
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Thanks again Teiste..Well done sir....


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 10-15-2012, 04:18 PM
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Very nice write up and comparison of some beautiful Classic 1s

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 10-15-2012, 04:50 PM
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Great review Teiste!

I don't hide the fact that the Classic series is one of my favorite Simpson series....I have a Classic 1 in Best and Manchurian in addition to a Classic 2 in Best and on the way from the Isle of Man a custom made Classic 2 in 3 band super that is due to arrive any day. To top it all off, I just placed an order last week with Mark for a Butterscotch Classic 1 3 band super.

These little guys are work horses and great to have them in my rotation along with the different Chubbies and 50 series that I have. There isn't a soap that stands a chance when they see these bad boys.

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 10-15-2012, 05:02 PM
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Great review Teiste! One of my favorites that you have done. The Classic looks like such a great brush and it's been on my list for a while now. One of those I will just have to break down and get some day.

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 10-15-2012, 07:22 PM
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I enjoyed this write up immensely, Teiste. Great comparison of three of Simpsons hair grades.

I think if my CL1 Best had the soft tips of yours, I'd have held on to it.

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 10-15-2012, 07:25 PM
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Thanks for the review, Teiste.

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 10-16-2012, 09:59 AM
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Hi Teiste

A very! nice write up, plus it's interesting to read about the same brush model but fitted with different badger hair grades...

Take care, Mike

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 10-16-2012, 10:12 AM
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Thanks Tieste,

I drooled at the photo of the final lather from the Manchurian.Tongue

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 10-16-2012, 10:18 AM
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Great work Tieste ...

The official unofficial Simpson review master!


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 10-16-2012, 11:24 AM
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As Usual an excellent review, with fabulous photographs.

Charles U.K

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 10-16-2012, 11:41 AM
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Great post and pictures T.

How come the knot in the best hair brush isnt round?

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 10-16-2012, 11:50 AM
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(10-16-2012, 11:41 AM)Dipesh Wrote: Great post and pictures T.

How come the knot in the best hair brush isnt round?

My friend , what do you mean by round?

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 10-16-2012, 11:57 AM
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In your hair density pic, top down view?

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(10-16-2012, 11:57 AM)Dipesh Wrote: In your hair density pic, top down view?

Oh yes , now I did noticed it.No, thats not the shape , I did take the brush straight from the stand when I picture it , and this is why has that shape , but its 100% round.

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