10-15-2012, 05:29 PM
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If your interested in trying a kamisori here is your chance. Here is basically a brand new one that is shave ready and I've used it less than five times and It's not for me I'd like 100 dollars for it and shipping is free but if you want tracking it will be extra. Brand : Mizuike kobo
Steel : Japanese High Carbon Yellow Steel
Blade Length: 5cm (1.96 inches)
Total Length: 15.5cm (6.1 inches)
Handle: Tou (Rattan)
[Image: D2471EB2-B2D3-4BE3-B39C-761F903253D2-306...E84D21.jpg]
[Image: 5DD68B5C-D61B-4EC2-B5A4-8D07B8110E03-306...5F2E90.jpg]
[Image: 400E40CF-3310-4C49-BDA4-EF8EF0EAF59B-306...BCFFD0.jpg]
[Image: F276633F-B009-4F93-AEE2-18EC1A7CB04E-306...82E010.jpg]

Sold thanks nook

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