10-15-2012, 10:02 PM
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I just finished watching this and it's an excellent video.

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 10-25-2014, 08:06 PM
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Thank You for the link to the video, very helpful for a newbie (first year) like me. I have put off working hard to get great lather / trying new soaps and i have been playing with different Razors, Blades and after shaves. Can't wait to shave in the morning with this new info.
Again Thanks

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 10-26-2014, 08:24 PM
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Thanks for sharing the video, Andrew! Smile

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 10-27-2014, 09:30 AM
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Nice video. Good new information for me.

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 11-17-2014, 09:16 PM
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My friend just started DE shaving. Time to show him this. Thank you for your effort.

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 07-02-2015, 11:29 AM
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I read quite often difficulties to produce dense and full-bodied foam.
Normally indicted on duty soap.
But there are those who blames to the brush, or water hardness.
Instead going to see, the problem is in the first step ... the most important and fundamental ... of assembly: the load.

Today (see SOTD) I had on loan this brush from my friend Vicenzo, whom I thank.
As you can see the size is medium, and the fibers are very sweet ... the edge of the floppy. And especially they have the tendency to open to groups when wet, so it has a load capacity minimally not comparable to a tuft which has an important backbone.

After trying almost all kinds of formulations, and industrial that artisanal, I developed a love for hard soaps which I think is more effective and efficient. This is because normally more concentrated on those technical and active components that give mechanical and functional results to foam. With obvious benefits in comfort after shaving and durability as the instrument. And overall, in the general economy.
But this love bloomed very slowly, having had as many people bad experiences with some of my products.
You can read thousands of posts online about the difficulties that users are using the Mystic Water or Mitchell's Wool Fat, but also the Cella and in general all those simple, rich and natural soaps. In a word ... excellent. But like many of the best things in life, they are appreciated with the experience.
This is mine. It works well for me.

Now for all the soaps (except those that use in stick mode ... another trick simple and efficient !!) the loading phase is standard:
1. I put to soak the brush in warm water and add a layer of the same on soap
2. I leave working for the time to prepare shaving, given that the preshave treatment is just as important
3. Drain completely the brush of excess water, leaving only the little captured by the fibers
4. Without throwing the veil of water on the soap (a soup spoon, about 10ml) ... that has softened and especially has run loaded soap ... start to charge the soap
5. The loading phase takes several tens of seconds, until obtaining a thick foam, and almost without bubbles (see picture 1)
6. I capture all this initial foam (proto foam) with the brush (see photo 2)
7. Rinse the soap and the container and I put them to drain for the time of the rite (see picture 3)
8. Start the real assembly phase.

The mounting method is indifferent, having laid a solid foundation to building a rich lather and gorgeous.
Personally I prefer the mounting on face (or face lathering FL).
Equally valid, and some brushes even better, it is fitting in the bowl (or bowl lathering BL).
And do not forget the little known but very efficient mounting in the palm of your hand ("Load & Hydrate" or LH)
After the shave of today, given the challenge POP alias Provember One Pass, remained to me a lot of foam in the clump.
To see the quality foaming (exceptional) of the synthetic Omega new champion, I kept exploiting the LH method.
Continuing to wet the tips (drips!!) and with a fair amount of elbow grease, the result is clear. (see foto4)
Practically with a good load of a great soap with a magnificent brush, I could shave full-body whole family ... including the dog.
And the best part ... as they say, the icing on the cake ... is the duration of that foam delicious like whipped cream.
Set aside in the soap dish, all that froth has remained intact until the moment to leave the house. More than thirty minutes later. (see foto5)
And despite everything, it was still so compact to support its weight and also that of the plastic shell of the soap dish. (see foto6)

Not bad ... for a cheap brush, tough soap and opalescent lime water!!

[Image: zWVEs0G.jpg][Image: GSCToSD.jpg][Image: 8zJEolo.jpg][Image: 6XHGcwj.jpg][Image: u0xpCDW.jpg][Image: zYBEsrO.jpg]

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