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Please archive this post, not all items are sold but it's done.

Time to clean out some unused items from the den, thanks for looking! Paypal only and all prices include shipping to USA/Canada. International members are responsible for shipping.

1. Muhle R101 Same head as the R41 with a different handle. Brand new in box and never used, I purchased this as a backup to my R41 and will probably never use it. $42 $40


**SOLD**2. Merkur Slant 37c Only used maybe a half dozen times, very good shaver but I just never really use it. Includes original box, mini-pamphlet and Merkur blade. $40

**SOLD**3. Frank's Shaving Synthetic Used 3-4 times, makes loads of creamy lather but just not my cup of tea. Oddly this one did not come with a stand, just a cardboard box. Dimension are 28mm knot and 60mm loft $22

4. Devita Solar Body Block Moisturizer 7oz. Unused and unopened, this is awesome stuff, all organic and natural and super moisturizing and 30spf to boot! I use this as an aftershave moisturizer and protector, absorbs quick, non-greasy and isn't white and streaky like many SPF moisturizers and it has a very light pleasant scent that disappears completely in about 15 minutes and leaves your skin super soft. I ordered 6 tubes of this stuff 3-4 months ago and realized that was way too much. These go for anywhere from $17-25 per 7oz tube plus shipping. $16 per tube or $30 for both. $15 per tube or $28 for both


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