10-19-2012, 06:53 PM
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Hi everyone,

I'm clearing out things I do not or will not ever use. I'm trying to move these out and raise a little extra money, so I'm trying hard to keep the prices nice and low.
I'll also consider trades for NEW Razorock Soaps!

PayPal payments only please. Shipping is anywhere USA and included in price. I'll combine shipping on multiple items. There are a few add on only items that I'll include for the listed price into another purchased item for no extra shipping

1. Cased Schick Krona - Traded for this, and i know I won't use it. It looks great, and may have been NOS or almost NOS. Includes a blade holder and instruction sheet. The case is clear, however one hinge is broken.
NOW $22 $25

2. Cased Gem Micromatic Open Comb
- This is in good shape, surface scratches and a little squeeky TTO door. The case is a little rough in the felt, but still decent. I'll throw in 5 Gem SE blades as well.
NOW $10 $11

3. Cased Valet Razor - Kinda beat up, a couple bent teeth. But I bet with a little cleaning and love it'll be a nice piece!
Add on to another item only for $5


Semogue 2030B
- A real nice brush with a slim metal handle. It doesn't get as much use as my others. I think it's fairly well broken in.


5. Catalyst Aftershave - This stuff is pretty cool because of the neat bottle and two part consistency. The orange part is a moisturizer of some kind and the green is the AS. Shake it together and you have a nice aftershave! The scent is not for me. Level is visible in picture.
NOW $10.50 $12


6. Prairie Creations Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Shave Soap
- Made with actual Captain Morgan rum in a tallow and lanolin formula shaving soap. This stuff smells really good. I just dont like it that much. I've test lathered it 3x. 5+oz. tub.
NOW $9 $10


7. Prairie Creations KISS Mt. Dew Shaving Cream - 3oz. tub about 75& full. This is a simple shaving cream scented like Mt. Dew soda. Its a pretty close match! The scent is strong and lingers, I'd say its a tart, citrusy and very lightly floral scent... kinda. It's Mt. Dew!


8. Agua Lavanda Puig Body Milk 750ml - It's about 2/3 full, and its a big heavy container. It is very much like a balm, and I've used it as an ASB. But it is apparently an all over lotion as well. Nice scent. Just not my thing. Price is a bit higher to reflect shipping weight. But remember, I'll combine shipping!
NOW $12 $15


9. Shaving Mug with Godrej Round Soap Puck
- I don't know anything about this mug. It's in decent shape. Some fading to the gold, little chips but overall its pretty nice. There is a puck of Godrej soap in it that I've lathered (quite nicely BTW) only once in the mug.
NOW $10 $11


10. Blue Lady Gillette - It's user grade with some nice rust spots on the TTO doors. Color isn't too bad though.
Add on to another item only for $3


11. SOLD
Gillette Cream from South America
- It's a new tube, and I think it's Sensitive. Other than that, I dunno!
Add on to another item only for $3


Thanks everyone!

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 10-20-2012, 01:01 PM
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I've lowered prices on some of these items!

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 10-20-2012, 02:13 PM
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A great selection of products, wishing you a quick sale.

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 10-24-2012, 06:24 PM
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Hey guys, there are still a few great items left here! I've got them about as low as I can, but feel free to make me an offer. I'm a reasonable guy Biggrin
And like I said above, I'm open to trade for new tubs of Razorock!

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 10-24-2012, 09:03 PM
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Gents, the Prarie Creations Spiced Rum, will make you wish you could eat it! It smells that good and it works great also.

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