10-21-2012, 11:16 AM
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[Image: P1250757.JPG?m=1350807352]

If last friday I didnt enjoy too much the Morris and Forndran blonde badger , horn imitation handle due to the stiffness of the two band hair , this weekend I had enjoyed my shaves with this silvertip brush , very much indeed.

[Image: P1250758.JPG?m=1350807354]

This brush is labelled as "blonde badger" but its clearly a silvertip badger hair.It is not the kind of silvertip hair that I have tried in some other brushes , suppodsely made by Rooney (Lee Sabini) , like the Truefitt and Hill 1/2 super badger brush , since this silvertip has soft tips but also a good amount of backbone ,more than the Morris and Forndran brushes I have tried with 3 band hair , like this one.

[Image: P1250760.JPG?m=1350807427]

The handle is an "imitation" of the Simpson M7 , and to be honest , I truly like the color of this one , but I prefer the ergonomics of the 1/2.Its a nice handle , dont get me wrong , but I truly prefer others.I can see why it was so many lovers , since its very comfortable to use when making lather on the scuttle and also while making lather on the face , but again, I prefer the 1/2.

This brush has a 22 mm knot and a 50 mm loft.I would have to measure its total height , but its around the 110 mm.

[Image: P1250759.JPG?m=1350807353]

I sometimes wonder where are M&F brushes really made , but when I try one like this particular one , I can only say "whatever , I dont mind" , since its a very nice brush.

As you can see , it contains a medium/high amount of silvertip hair :

[Image: P1250761.JPG?m=1350807424]

And due to the backbone , is very good with triple milled soaps and also , shaving creams.

Its you add looks and an excellent silvertip hair , then you have a winner.This brush is one of those winners , unless you prefer brushes over 22 mm of knot.

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 10-21-2012, 11:38 AM
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Tieste, thanks for another great review!

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 10-21-2012, 12:48 PM
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Good one, thanks!

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 10-21-2012, 01:58 PM
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Teiste, you are not doing my brush lusting any good.Smile

Another nice review.

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 10-21-2012, 04:21 PM
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Very nice review,

That handle is absolutely stunning.

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 10-21-2012, 08:44 PM
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is that a sexy handle or what?

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 10-21-2012, 09:19 PM
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I have a 3 Band from Lee in a genuine horn handle (25/50mm). I prefer it much over the 2 band blonde badger. While my 3 band has not a lot of backbone it is cloud soft on the face and a real pleasure to use. I am sure my blond badger will eventually make it to BST but this 3 band will keep its place in the rotation...

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