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Hey there Gents!

Up for your consideration today I have one DE Razor. It's a Merkur 39C "Sledgehammer" I recently acquired this razor in trade for a Muhle R41. The razor is in like new condition with the exception of one small blemish on the top of the razor. It's extremely small and hard to see and was a pain just trying to get a picture of it. It's a very shallow scrape, and may be able to get polished out. I'd like to see $40 Shipped. SOLD

[Image: DSC00183.jpg]
[Image: DSC00184.jpg]
[Image: DSC00185.jpg]

Next we have a 250g bar of Klar Kabinett shaving soap. I love this soap, but 500g is a ton and I'll never make my way through all of it. I'd like $9 Shipped. SOLD

[Image: DSC00175.jpg]

Next we have a puck of Art Of Shaving Lavender Soap in Wooden Bowl. This soap is an outstanding performer, but the scent just isn't for me. I would say that there is about 25% of the soap remaining. I'd like $25 Shipped.

[Image: DSC00182.jpg]
[Image: DSC00181.jpg]

Next up is a puck of I Coloniali Mango Oil Shaving Soap. About 90% remaining and pressed into a tin container. Very nice performance with a wonderful sweet, smokey, scent. Unfortunately, my girlfriend hates it and wants it gone like yesterday. I'd like $15 Shipped.

[Image: DSC00176.jpg]
[Image: DSC00177.jpg]

Up next is a tin with stick of Valobra grated into it. I'd say there's about 75% of the stick remaning. That being said, it's not really worth the cost of postage to sell it on it's own. If anyone would like to buy 2 or more other items, they will get this for free. First come, first serve and I'll let you know when it's gone.

[Image: DSC00176.jpg]
[Image: DSC00178.jpg]

Thanks for looking!

39C and Klar are sold. Take the AoS and the I Coloniali and get the Valobra free.

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