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I am currently using Proraso Sensitive pre-shave and soap, and I enjoy the mild fresh clean scent. I just received some shave sticks: DR Harris Almond, Palmolive, and Derby. The DR Harris almond is the most mild smelling of the three, but is still too "perfumy" for me (like my Grandma's soap). The Derby was overwhelming, and the Palmolive was pretty strong. I'm looking for products more like the Proraso Sensitive or milder. By the way, does the Proraso Sensitive aftershave balm smell like the other Proraso Sensitive products? Any other suggestions for mild or fragrance-free aftershave products?

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 10-22-2012, 07:00 PM
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Much as I enjoy scents, they don't enjoy me. I have onion skin for hide, and some ingredients bug my skin, fragrance ("parfum"-chemical/natural combos of things that "mimic" certain fragrances) and dye being the chief offenders. I have had good luck with The Gentlemen's Refinery unscented shave cream in the tub. Whether it'll help or hurt, in your case, would take trying some and see for yourself, of course. Absolutes don't exist in this realm. Many commonly used ingredients and stabilizers can irritate. Glycerin, even, is offensive to some sensitive skin. In the scent game, it's: You Pays Your Money, And You Takes Your Chances. Some soaps give great glide for me, some don't protect enough no matter how much I play around with lathering them. Some shave creams don't either. Water Ph can matter enough to affect how things perform, and that includes the water that you lather them with. Prep , of course, is 90% of the battle. It's a love story when you hit on stuff that works for you. And it takes the Dating Game to find her. Maybe our soap/cream vendors could shed some light on this for us.

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One thing to keep in mind is that the ingredients in most creams/soaps have a natural odor, however mild it is. The best you can do is find something where they don't add an additional scent.

A few ideas:
Kiss My Face unscented cream. The easiest to find by far. I just sniffed mine and it's pretty hard to smell anything.
AoS makes unscented soaps (and creams as well I think, but KMF cream is a lot cheaper.)
VdH makes unscented soaps (I think most are but some are specifically labeled as unscented.)

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You sound like me. I find it's synthetic scent that triggers me. Anyway, that's as near as I have come to understanding my aversion to strong scents.

Italian almond croaps are quite mild in scent, steer clear of Cella though.

VDH is mild. Valobra stick just smells like soap. KissMyFace Mint is quite mild, I haven't used the other KMF scents. As already written KMF has a scentless. Plus KMF is a really good cream.

Vintage soaps are also mild since they've aged quite a bit. That brings up another point. The soaps you have that are too strong, shred them and let them age. Let air get to them and don't fret over them, consider them to be wine aging, just let them be. Age reduces the scent. More age reduces it even more. I'm meaning months, not years though. But years won't hurt some soaps.

I recently tested Klar Kabinett and quite frankly the soap was the pits for my nose, but great for performance. I shredded it and gave it time to age and it was better. Today it's still getting better and is actually quite good even though still stronger than I'd like. I have no doubt as it ages more it'll get better. I'm in no hurry. I experienced the same thing with Cella. Edit: BTW, I'm not suggesting Klar Kabinett would be for you- it's far too strong!

"Clearly Natural" Glycerine bar soaps (they ARE NOT "shave soaps", but they work great for shaving) (google it) have the scent you wish, including scentless. Just shred them into a bowl and compress them to turn them into a shave soap to load your brush.

Steer clear of creams in general, they are noted for retaining strong scent. Generally, shredding a soap and aging it reduces the scent.

Good luck. If you need more, PM me.

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 10-23-2012, 06:26 AM
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I'd suggest the KMF Unscented as well.

Brian had a pretty good suggestion with plain glycerine soap. I've shaved with the 'Clearly Natural' bars myself, though I added scent. I stuck a bar in a mug, and ran it through the microwave in short burst until it melted and took the shape of the mug.

I've seen a number of unscented products available from some artisan soap makers.

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 10-23-2012, 06:37 AM
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(10-22-2012, 06:50 PM)twallis Wrote: I'm looking for products more like the Proraso Sensitive or milder... Any other suggestions for mild or fragrance-free aftershave products?


Sorry, I have no idea about the scent of Proraso Sensitive, but I can recommend the following products from personal use:
  • Edwin Jagger Aloe Vera Natural shaving cream
  • Ginger's Garden Handmade, Artisan Soft Solid Shaving Soap - Unscented
  • GFT Soft shaving cream
  • Taylor Of Old Bond Street - Sensitive shaving cream
  • Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort shaving cream
Plus here's a couple I don't have any first-hand experience with, but I do with their scented versions (which are excellent):
  • Mike's Natural Soaps - Unscented
  • Prairie Creations Tallow & Lanolin Shaving Soap - Unscented
Take care, Mike

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