10-25-2012, 08:43 PM
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well, I had a 1905 single ring old type in my cabinet that was pretty tarnished so I figured I'd give the baking soda and aluminum foil method to remove the tarnish without removing the plating from the razor.

here's what I did;

1) I used a glass dish because it was long and deep enough to get the razor submerged in the boiling water.

2) lined the bottom of the glass dish with aluminum foil

3) take apart the razor and place it on the aluminum foil

4) add the baking soda directly on top of the razor. going forward, or for anyone who didn't do this experiment before, I would recommend adding the baking soda directly into the pot of boiling water so it dissolves entirely instead of putting it on top of the razor and then pouring the boiling water on top of it.

5) let the stuff do its thing until the water cooled down. after it cooled down, I hit it with a tooth brush and rinsed it off.

here's some photos:

[Image: 20121025_220343.jpg?m=1351226040]

[Image: 20121025_220349.jpg?m=1351226041]

[Image: 20121025_220928.jpg?m=1351226042]

[Image: 20121025_221351.jpg?m=1351226041]

here's how it looked after I pulled it out of the solution and hit it with a tooth brush:

[Image: 20121025_225154.jpg?m=1351226040]

[Image: 20121025_225203.jpg?m=1351226042]

[Image: 20121025_225213.jpg?m=1351226043]

[Image: 20121025_225222.jpg?m=1351226044]

[Image: 20121025_225230.jpg?m=1351226045]

[Image: 20121025_225234.jpg?m=1351226045]

after that, I repeated the process of boiling water, but this time I added the baking soda directly into the water after I took it off of the stove which allowed the baking soda to dissolve entirely. here's some photos after the 2nd process:

[Image: 20121025_232931.jpg?m=1351226571]

[Image: 20121025_232941.jpg?m=1351226571]

[Image: 20121025_232954.jpg?m=1351226572]

[Image: 20121025_232935.jpg?m=1351226573]

[Image: 20121025_232959.jpg?m=1351226573]

unfortunately I ran out of baking soda so I couldn't continue the process.

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 07-15-2014, 06:39 PM
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Thats interesting. I'm waiting for a Rotbart Mond extra that will need something like this.

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 07-16-2014, 04:56 AM
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I cleaned up a Bostonian very nicely with the foil/baking soda process. It took some time Nd a couple of baths but it turned out great. I think it also helps to have one of those silver polishing cloths for a final polish.

- Josh -

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 07-16-2014, 05:40 AM
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Nice job. I did this recently with a 1909 single ring and it took a couple of baths to get the bulk of the black tarnish off. It was still dull so I finished it off with a final light polish.

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