10-27-2012, 04:35 AM
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It's that time again. My den has expanded to giant proportions, and needs to be trimmed. So a lot of stuff will be put on sale soon. Here are some brushes, to start with.


All sales have US shipping included. If you're outside the US, please contact me first. Payment should be by Paypal (Personal Paypal preferred).


1) Vie-Long BullGoose LE 2012 - horsehair - $27 shipped - Now $24 shipped

Not much to say here. A lovely handle, and the horsehair is quite nice too. As you can see, some of the paint has worn off, but it is otherwise pretty nice.

[Image: 100_2715.jpg]

SOLD !! 2) Vie-Long 13061M horsehair - $25 shipped

I love this brush, but I have another Vie-Long horsehair that I like better. This is in pristine shape - no flaws at all, and the handle and knot are excellent.

[Image: 100_2712.jpg]

3) Muhle Silvertip Fibres 23 mm knot (synthetic) - $60 shipped - Now $50 shipped

This is a great brush, and doesn't deserve to be ignored in my den. This is the larger version of the brush, and really does feel a lot like a silvertip badger brush. The brush has no blemishes.

[Image: 100_2714.jpg]

SOLD!! 4) Muhle black fibres synthetic - $25 shipped

This is another great brush from Muhle. It looks and feels great, and the black fibres are the softest thing you're ever going to feel on your face, and it still has excellent backbone.

[Image: 100_2716.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20121027_075637.jpg]

SOLD!! 5) H.I.S shaving brush (synthetic) - $25 shipped

This is an excellent (and large) synthetic. Soft, with backbone, and it's justly admired on the shaving forums. No flaws on this one.

[Image: 100_2717.jpg]

SOLD!! 6) Vulfix 'Strand' boar brush - $17 shipped.

Read Johnny's review on this brush here: REVIEW.

This is a great boar brush. I really like it, but I prefer my Omega. It's been used twice.

[Image: 100_2719.jpg]

7) Vulfix 'Picadilly' boar brush - $17 shipped. - Now $15 shipped

Read Johnny's review on this brush here: REVIEW.

This is another great boar brush. I really like it, but I prefer my Omega. Like the Strand, it's been used twice.

[Image: 100_2720.jpg]

8) Restored Fuller brush with TGN Black badger knot - $22 shipped. - Now $20 shipped

This is a lovely cream and red brush. Shiny and lovely, and the black badger knot looks great on it. It's a 24+ mm, I think.

[Image: 100_2718.jpg]


Thanks for looking.

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 10-27-2012, 08:44 AM
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Muhle Black Fibres and HIS brush have sold.

And pics have been updated too. Hmm! I'm not sure why they're showing up in the wrong orientation.

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 11-03-2012, 06:17 AM
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Vie-Long 13061M and Vulfix Strand have sold.

About 10% taken off all the remaining brushes.

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