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**Archive this post please**

Clearing out some fluff from the den and these didn't make the cut. Payment via Paypal only and prices all include shipping to USA/Canada. International buyers are responsible for shipping, let me know if you're international so I can calculate a price.

Click on the items for pics, I am using offsite images for now as it's a bit cleaner looking and it saves extra bandwidth stress on the Nook, which is having growing pains at the moment.

Alrighty then, let's get started!


1. Merkur Progress Only used 3 times, shaves great but I just prefer my Futurs more, beautiful specimen with gorgeous plating, which can be hit or miss on a Merkur. $50 **SOLD**/b]

2. Muhle R101
Same head as the R41 but with a black handle. It is brand new in box and never used, it was a backup for my R41, which I rarely use anymore and am also selling. $40 **SOLD**

3. Muhle R41 (2011) This used to be my daily shaver but hasn't been used much at all in 3-4 months. When in use it received weekly scrubbing with a soft toothbrush and plain toothpaste and is still in beautiful shape. Includes original box. $40 **SOLD**

4.Fatip Grande (Chrome) Only used about a half a dozen times, great razor but I just prefer others. Comes with original case. $27 **SOLD**

5. 1954(Z1) 40's style Super Speed Very good shape, I'd say excellent user grade. $18**SOLD**

6.1957(C1) Flare-tip Super Speed Also excellent user grade, the only real blemish is a V shaped scratch on one door that does not affect the integrity of the plating.$16 **RETRACTED for Donation**

7.Cased Gillette Long Comb NEW (replated) This is a special razor, in my opinion anyway, it's a standard LC NEW with bar handle replated in very very very thick bright nickel. I had this replated by Dave Gorder at West Coast Razors (ocrazorman) and is some of the thickest plating I have ever seen on a razor and it is flawless. The beauty though is the plating is so thick it has changed the shave quality of the razor, it now shaves with the aggressiveness comparable to a Joris/Fatip but still retains awesome smoothness. I am reluctant to let it go but it just doesn't see enough use in my den and I don't like keeping unused gear around. Comes with green case, I have no idea if it is original to the razor but the razor was in it when I found it. $58 **RETRACTED**

8. iKon Bulldog handle Great shape and rarely used. $40 **SOLD**
9. Weber Bulldog handle Great shape and rarely used. $30 **SOLD**


10.Morris and Forndran 2-band Blonde 1/1[/url] Only used a half dozen times and is a face lathering machine. Exact dimensions are 22.35mm knot and 44.58 loft. $80 **SOLD**

11.Simpsons Colonel X2L in Best I have only used it about 6 times, it shed 2-3 hairs on the first lather and none since. Dimensions 22/49 box is included of course. $53 **SOLD**

12. HIS Synthetic (black) The infamous super soft synthetic lather machine, not much to say that hasn't been said already. Dimensions are 28mm/63mm $27

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