11-07-2012, 12:00 PM
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Due to my trucks radiator crapping out I me I have to bu a new one so I'm selling these razors as a lot. First up is a henckel platinum 5/8 round point in c-mon scales the originals I tried fixing but no luck so I repinned. Next is a krusuis brothers 5/8 square point original scales. Next is something I didn't want to sell but I have to its a cv heljestrand no4 a great shaved indeed and it is also a round point 5/8. All razors have been polished to a nice shine. I'll only deal with money orders as well just on me and we can talk 185 but negotiable
[Image: F4ABAC75-DD43-43D0-AEA8-A4A24499DE10-106...e475df.jpg]
[Image: 72E730B6-A446-4712-A29E-B24F5344707B-106...bda063.jpg]
[Image: 89B49595-8869-4296-B270-751688ADC73D-106...389122.jpg]
[Image: 6DC56C2B-7734-4882-A4C6-E2EC0BC384D8-106...2ec519.jpg]
[Image: CC35BB9F-FD64-446C-8337-6E109F68DB9D-106...2f09d1.jpg]
[Image: 5D07EA3D-461B-4BD0-ABEF-7DAAD4CB3ADB-106...e93832.jpg]
[Image: 7E01EF23-F6D2-4DC9-8B02-D7D102902E16-106...6f8570.jpg]
[Image: 5CC47378-449E-47D6-9B10-13CDE8ECF2A9-106...5c5972.jpg]
[Image: E8F343B3-9F84-46F4-84A2-69CA6C144F73-106...766daa.jpg]
[Image: 5D8A2A0C-5F7D-4227-8CDB-38F5B643454F-106...c79515.jpg]

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You need to put a price on the sale

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