11-07-2012, 07:58 PM
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Anyone have firsthand experience with a Vulfix 40 silvertip (or very similar vulfix silvertip) and a Whipped Dog 30mm (or other large) WD silvertip? If so, can you describe the softness - particularly the absence / presence of scritchiness - between the two?

I LOVE big, angel-soft knots for face lathering. I'm looking for a plush, new 29 or 30mm brush. And while I am not the least bit worried about so-called 'floppiness' as I have no problem loading and face-lathering 'floppy' mops, I dislike even a little bit of scritch...

So here is my dilemma: Ordering both brushes is not an option (not enough cash for both at once). I have no experience with the WD knots. And, from what I understand, Vulfix silvertips are essentially the same as Simpson 'super' - and I once tried a Simpsons PJ2 in super and found it too scritchy... so am concerned the Vulfix may also exhibit a hint of scritch (unlike, say, my Kimson and TGN super silvertip which have zero scritch)...

...so any insight or feedback from someone who has used both a large Vulfix silvertip and large Whipped Dog would be much appreciated.

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