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I sell all this:

Mühle Sophist Jubilation 3-Band Silvertip brush 23mm knot size, 55 mm loft, white Porcelain handle with Golden foot - the brush Tony Soprano & Don Corleone would be using Wink
Condition: BRAND NEW, received it yesterday.

My reason for selling it: When I received the brush yesterday from Mühle directly - I took pictures of it and posted it in the brush section - but the little protective plastic marker at the bottom of the brush was still there. When I removed it, it showed a number of small marks and scratches on the bottom - except for this the brush is PERFECT and flawless and has never been used nor seen water. The owner of Mühle offered me a brand new one and that I just kept the original - talk about excellent customer service from Mühle Thumbup The brush comes in a wonderful stylish gift box with velvet inner cover.......I only sell the brush as a bonus to the guy, who picks up all my frags in one big box.

200 ml Drakkar Noir EDT 95% full - $25
100 ml YSL L'Homme Libre EDT 95% full - $35
100 ml Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum 95% full - $50
100 ml Burberry Brit EDT 90% full - $25
100 ml Burberry Weekend EDT 90% full - $20
100 ml Joop Jump EDT 90% full - $15
100 ml Lapidus Pour Homme 95% full - $12

Shipping for one bottle: $25, Shipping for 7 bottles: $35

Buy all 7 + the brand new Mühle Sophist Jubilation 3-Band Silvertip brush and get it all for $180 shipped !
This is a fair deal to my eyes - hope someone will find an interest in this W00t


[Image: 27z9p2b.jpg]

Here you see the scratches on the bottom of the brush:
[Image: 2dvoeau.jpg]

The frags:
[Image: zv9dug.jpg]

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