11-09-2012, 09:54 AM
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I have been using Mike's Pine/Cedar Tree soap for the past week. Before I was using Proraso, Cella, TOBS and others. They were good. Mike's is fantastic. The shave is better (much better protection) and the my face feels better throughout the day. It was the only thing I changed. Same blades, same razors, etc.

The scent grew on me quickly and I was craving it on a day where I skipped the shave around 6:30am, my shave time. I don't know what is the secret sauce, whatever it is - I like it.

Being AD inclined I knew I have to be careful on my next steps so I made a new order for every sample that was on the catalog!
I actually ordered 2 of each, with the second set as a gift for a close friend.

After much deliberation I started the day with Rose/Cedarwood and it is a treat. The Pine/Cedarwood is more of an 'energy' scent, great to start the work day. I find the Rose/Cedarwood more of a relaxed weekend scent, but anyway I always say that on Fridays I can "smell the weekend".

Kudos to Mike for offering such and outstanding product.

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 11-09-2012, 10:26 AM
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I really like his soaps, the Rose and Cedarwood is the first Rose scented product I've ever enjoyed, most of them literally give me headache. I just recently got a tin of his Vetiver and it's wonderful stuff as well..just the right amount of grass/earth/smoke.

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