11-10-2012, 08:41 PM
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Quick Update on New Products we have added for November.

We have added

Cella Kilo Bricks- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/cella-...eam-brick.html

Veleiro Shaving Cream- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/veleir...am--125ml.html

Top Secret Lanolizado Shaving Cream- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/top-se...ing-cream.html

Valobra Shaving Stick- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/valobr...stick-50g.html

La Toja Classic Shaving Cream- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/la-toj...50ml-tube.html

La Toja Sensitive Shaving Cream- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/la-toj...50ml-tube.html

Musgo Real Shaving Cream- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/musgo-...m--100-ml.html

Musgo Real Oak Moss Shaving Cream- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/musgo-...eam-100ml.html

Kala Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/kala-s...salt-soap.html

Spuma Di Sciampagna Bar Soap- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/spuma-...soap-100g.html

Neutro Roberts Hydrating Bar Soap- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/neutro...soap-100g.html

Borotalco Hydrating Shower Gel- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/borota...gel-250ml.html

Omega 10049 Red Handle Shaving Brush- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/omega-...brush-red.html

We have a special on Personna Red Pack Blades- http://www.chicagoshaving.com/specials.html

In the next few weeks we will be adding a new line of Safety Razors and Shaving Brushes to the site and restocking some products that have been sold out.

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