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I'm pasting this ad over here. I JUST posted it and some products sold, they will be marked like that if so.

Pictures are incoming slowly as I need to upload them all... Again.

Afternoon all,

In an effort to make a minor reduction in my den, I've got a small chunk of products that have to go. Most have little to no use. Razors, brushes, soaps, creams, aftershaves, blades, etc...

The important information first:

Payment: Paypal (No gift payments, but fee is on you if paying with a card please)
Shipping: I will pay for FIRST CLASS SHIPPING. If your items go beyond the first class weight limit (Approx. 16oz) or you are interested in more than 1 product and Priority Mail is required, we can negotiate the cost.
Multiple items: Purchase multiple items and I'll do my best to help with the price
Handling time: Due to the holiday and the amount of products being offered, please allow some time for packaging things up and the PO to reopen.
Insurance: High dollar items or large packages will be insured AT THE BUYERS REQUEST and thus, any additional cost falls on you.
Making offers: Please feel free to make REASONABLE offers on multi item purchases.
Trades: NO TRADES! Thanks!

I think that sums most of it up, here's a list of items and their prices. Photos will be below in no specific order. Just because items are in a picture together does NOT mean they are a lot. You can make your own lots of items.

Tradere Solid Bar – Used 3 times - $135
Merkur 11c – Used 2 times - $40
Hoffritz Slant – Used 3 times, practically a show piece, includes blade holders and case - $100 ***SOLD***

M&F 2-Band – Used 5 times, Imitation Porcelain, 24.3mm with approx. 53mm loft - $125
Shavemac Real Horn 24mm Silver Tip – Used 2 times, approx. 24.75mm with a loft of 54mm - $160
Rodney Neep Custom – Used once (Cost me $170) about 29mm with a 54mm loft or so, marbled resin with burl in one piece BEAUTIFUL brush - $115

Razorock Classic – Never used - $5 ***SOLD***
Razorock Don Marco – Test lathered 1 time - $6
Razorock Bee’s Knees – Test lathered 2 times - $8
Razorock Caribbean Coconut – Never used - $9 ***SOLD***
GFT Almond Soap in Wooden bowl – Unused, soap still wrapped - $30 ***SOLD***
Mike’s Natural Soaps Lime – Used 3 times - $9 ***SOLD***
Mike’s Natural Soaps Lime Stick – Used 2 times - $7
Mike’s Natural Soaps Unscented Stick – Never used - $7
Queen Charlotte Hanami Soap in pyrex bowl – Unused NO LONGER MADE - $12
MJ’s Soap Shop Pina Colada – Never used - $5
Lea Shave Stick New recipe with Lanolin – Used 1 time - $4 ***SOLD***

ToBS Avocado – About 1/4oz removed for a sample - $12
Proraso Green Tub – Never used - $8 ***SOLD***
Proraso White Tub – Used 1 time - $8
Arko Shaving Cream – Extra Sensitive - $3.50
Arko Shaving Cream – Extra Sensitive - $3.50
Arko Shaving Cream – Cool - $3.50
Arko Shaving Cream – Regular - $3.50

Astra SP Blades – 100 sealed blades - $8 ***SOLD***
Derby Blades – 100 sealed blades - $5 ***SOLD***
Gillette 7 O’Clock Blacks – 98 Sealed Blades - $20 ***SOLD***

Musgo Real GLYCE Pre-shave Soap – Used ~3 times, lathered onto hands - $4 ***SOLD***

Arko Aftershave Cream – Citrus - $3.50
Arko Aftershave Cream - Aqua - $3.50
Arko Aftershave Cream – Cool - $3.50

Bath/Hand bar soaps:
Mama Bear Soap Bar – Vanilla Cream - $4
Mama Bear Soap Bar – Pearberry - $4
Mama Bear Soap Bar – Honeysuckle - $4

Thank you all in advance for reading this, here's a bunch of pictures in no specific order!

[Image: trad1.JPG]
[Image: trad2.JPG]
[Image: hof1.JPG][Image: hof2.JPG]
[Image: 11c1.JPG][Image: 11c2.JPG]
[Image: horn1.JPG][Image: horn2.JPG]
[Image: mf12.JPG][Image: rn1.JPG]
[Image: soap1.JPG]
[Image: razo.JPG]
[Image: proras.JPG]
[Image: miscsoap.JPG][Image: mikestick.JPG]
[Image: gftal.JPG][Image: blades.JPG]
[Image: bars.JPG][Image: arkos.JPG]

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