11-24-2012, 05:20 PM
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I totally agree that there there are no rules, but I am rekindling my bowl lathering and I am curious what your favorite combinations look like. I used to lather in a big cereal/soup bowl. it is about 4.5" across and about 3" deep. Its side slope out and then up and the bottom inside is smooth. So there isn't much cavitation to add fluffiness and the lather climbs up the sides of the bowl. I just took possession of a Dirty Bird Bill Bowl.. Size is perfect, the inward slope of the sides help keep lather in the bowl where it should be and the spiral on the inside bottom help pull air in; an aide to fluffier lather..

If you are a bowl latherer..

- do you prefer soap, cream or crope?
- load the brush or decant to the bowl?
- Badger, boar, horse or all?
- warm bowl or cold?

Any tips you would like to offer as I re-engage the bowl?

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 11-24-2012, 05:22 PM
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I use a Danish Serving Dish, Salsa Bowl, or a smaller Coffee Cup. I'd love a scuttle or a bill bowl but I have a total of $5 tied up in the 3 bowls I use now. If I'm out $5, I don't mind so much.

The type of product makes no difference to me. I like Croaps, Soaps, and Creams
I load the brush on the soap or croap and for creams, squirt a dollop into the lather bowl and go to work
Badger or Boar or Synthetic
Cold Bowl

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 11-24-2012, 07:03 PM
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When I use a bowl, which isn't very often, I use a custom DB Bill Bowl. Its slightly smaller than typical. in that it has a 3 3/4" diameter, 2" depth.

i prefer to soak it in a sink of hot water in order to warm it.

Shave cream is decanted into the bowl.

And, a badger brush, always a badger.

This morning I used GFT and an Emillion 2. Nice.

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 11-28-2012, 03:50 PM
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Mostly ... I Bowl in a Warm Scuttle.

I have a Cederwood Bowl for when I go on trips. (Not Warm)

Or I use a ceral bowl. (Not Warm)

Cream is decanted into the Bowl.

Or Soap is loaded on the Brush.

Any and All Brushes

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