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Hi folks, I've been gone a while. Pressing bills following my surgery force me to sell items I really don't want to part with. As always, CONUS included, Paypal, and if I'm off on a price, please let me know. International, contact me for shipping cost.

Simpsons Wee Scot with box used once $35 shipped
[Image: IMG_20121202_125928_457.jpg]

Rooney Heritage Victorian with box $105 Sold
[Image: IMG_20121202_130543_684.jpg]

Vie-long Zurito 13061 horsehair $28
[Image: IMG_20121104_121150_003.jpg]

Semogue 1305, please note chip! $16
[Image: IMG_20121104_121133_543.jpg][Image: IMG_20121104_121139_416.jpg]

Gold Futur with box $70
[Image: 2012-04-29_12-32-59_675.jpg][Image: 2012-04-29_12-32-44_363.jpg]

Gold Slim Aristocrat G4, super nice, no case, a really nice example. Great plating and lacquer condition. Crisp numbers. VERY shiny. Pics don't do justice. $70 Sold
[Image: IMG_20121104_121947_929.jpg][Image: IMG_20121104_121925_541.jpg]

Schick Repeating Razor, I forget which model this is, some wear on head, overall gold is thin. $35
[Image: IMG_20121104_122008_849.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20121104_122003_264.jpg]

Superspeed Y2 in nice condition with lousy case $22
[Image: IMG_20121104_121245_928.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20121104_121219_881.jpg]

Lanolizado, used once, maybe twice. $12
[Image: IMG_20121104_121349_871.jpg]

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