12-03-2012, 09:18 PM
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So I bought a bunch of TFS soaps the other day. Super stoked BTW! To save money ' cuz I'm cheap like that, I only bought the refills.

I want to keep these in wood bowls!

I need 4 in total. 3 for soft soap, 1 for a hard soap. I honestly have only ever had one soap in a wood bowl and its one of those heavy lacquered Amazon Kingsley bowls. Not a real big fan, but they're cheap and will be my last resort. I don't know what type of bowls will work best for my intended use... Maybe you guys could help me there.

Budget isn't real high for these, and I'm not expecting high end fancy stuff. I'm hoping some of you can cut me a deal, help a brother out. Biggrin

Thanks in advance my friends!

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