03-24-2012, 04:23 AM
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.........blowing through stop signs, running reds, filtering through traffic, etc.

It irritates me, and I ride my bicycle everywhere myself!! Angry I can understand why car drivers get pissed off. Law-breaking with impunity gets everyone's goat. I also know that such behaviour on the part of other cyclists labels me as well (in the minds of motorists).


Then I think about it - I follow the laws.....most of the time. I always stop for red lights, never filter forward, try and maintain a straight line; however, I'll sometimes roll slowly through a stop sign. So, I ain't no saint on the roadways myself, and I shouldn't be judging other riders.

So, when you see a cyclist break the law, take some time to think of these questions:

1) Do you ever drive even 1 mph over the speed limit?
2) Do you ever forget to use your turn indicators?
3) Do you ever tailgate?
4) Do you always follow all the road laws when you drive? Or do you make a 'judgement call' on what's safe to do (answer a cellphone call, maybe)?

Most car drivers don't like it when people point out that while it may be accepted to drive 5-7 mph over the speed limit, it's actually against the law. Now, you're not going to get pulled over and ticketed, but that's not the point really.

Similarly, some cyclists blow through reds because they think they're not endangering everyone (a debatable point), and they're not going to get ticketed. The laws are only effective if they're enforced (texting laws, anyone?), and they're very rarely enforced.


So, don't lose your cool when you see this behaviour by cyclists. Remember, that you probably broke a few laws yourself the last time your car was moving.

Is it obnoxious? Yes. Is it unnecessary? Yes. Is it worth some retaliation? No. Is it worth getting worked-up for? No.


A better man than I once said something about being the first to cast a stone. That's good advice on the roads.

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 03-24-2012, 06:52 AM
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Well said yohannrjm.

I didn't have the appreciation for the dangers posed upon cyclists by irate automobile drivers until I started riding again after many years. Cyclists are subject to the same laws as automobiles and should always strive to give automobile drivers a favorable impression of the cycling community. Since I have gotten back into cycling I always give cyclists plenty of room as I go past them and always try to throw in a little friendly wave as I pass.

We cannot get away with weaving in and out of traffic as normal bicycles since swmbo and I ride tadpole recumbent trikes.

Here's a picture of my current ride taken from the website of the company from where it was purchased.

[Image: Explorer.jpg]

We both had stopped riding, swmbo because of RA and the strain leaning over onto her wrists, me due to back problems. The tadpole recumbent trikes solved both of our problems and we are back doing an activity we both enjoy. (these things are tantamount to riding a recliner down the road, very, very comfortable to ride)

I know cars tend to crowd bicyclists but we experience just the opposite. I think from behind, drivers must think it's some kind of handicapped vehicle. Drivers always cut us a very wide berth.

Spring is upon us and it's time to get out there and ride!

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 03-24-2012, 03:19 PM
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I don't like riding on roads. Sadly motorists don't respect the safety of cyclists. I'd rather mounting bike.

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 03-24-2012, 04:02 PM
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I don't like riding on roads. It's not so much that drivers don't give you any space as much as the ones that think it is a fun game to force you off the road or throw bottles and other crud at you while hurling insults and profanity at you.

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 03-24-2012, 04:05 PM
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Chris -

Congrats to you and your wife for getting back on the road on your 'bents. I've always wanted to try one, but the prices have held me off. They're so much more aerodynamic than a regular bike.

You're also right in that there are a lot of cyclists who follow the road rules (for the most part). Unfortunately, motorists usually only notice the guys who don't. I try and maintain a friendly attitude on the road, and I hope it makes motorists look more positively on cyclists.

Mynorx -

I also like off-road cycling, but I get around solely on a bike, so most of my riding is on the roads. I do like riding fast, but I also pootle along if I feel like it. Biggrin

If I see a nice view, I stop and drink it in. I sing to the deer and turkeys I pass in the woods, and I enjoy the smell of the sea as I ride along the shoreline. I also like climbing, and descending. The only thing I hate are the constant headwinds here.

I've had a few occasions where people have purposely run me off the road, and a couple of times teenagers in cars have thrown stuff at me, but those occurrences are rare, and since I moved to CT, I've not had any of those things happen (Boston was worse - more people, more jerks).

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 03-25-2012, 06:51 AM
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Well, if you see me riding down the street, get out of my way. The old coaster brakes don't work like they use to. And yes, I know it is a girls bike, it was my sisters, and it was FREE. At least I get some exercise.


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