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This is an interesting razor to say the least. To load the blade you push down on the top of the cap and slide it to open to insert the blade. It uses DE Blades but you can only use one side of the blade at a time. I have no idea if the sharpening portion works. I did a run up my cheeks yesterday and a full shave with it this morning and it's just too aggressive for me. I started out with a Personna Med Prep and felt some irritation, then put a fresh Astra in there and it was still too aggressive. It does use Regular old DE Blades. I've only tried Astra and Personnas and they both loaded easily. I'd first of all like to trade it for one of the following

-a Butterscotch handle with a TGN Finest knot (22-26mm)
-one of the new Vintage Blades 2 Band brushes (24mm)
-a DE89 Black Octagonal or Chrome Octagonal
-Gillette Super Adjustable

I'll add cash if necessary to the deal. Here are the pics. It does have some gold plate loss on the back of the razor. It's a neat little piece of shaving machinery and everyone should try one once. The plate loss is in picture 3. The last pic is with a blade loaded. If I can't trade it for something, I'll put a price up later in the day.


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