12-09-2012, 05:32 PM
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I am at the end of a soft soap (Notting Hill from Bullgoose). It made me think of my last post at another site prior to joining here. So i plagerized myself and copied it here.

With a flick of the switch light fills the bathroom. It is cold and icy outside. I know this because I had to let the dogs out. Brrrr. I bring in an armful of wood for the woodstove. I load the stove and crank it up. By time my wife and daughter get up it will be nice and toasty. The dogs dance around me. Their agenda is much more important than the silly woodstove. They want to be fed. Which I do. Always amazes me. They eat the same bag stuff twice a day. And each serving is enjoyed with the gusto and excitement I reserve for a good steak.

With the morning “chores” done I can attend to my own needs. Which is why I am in the bathroom gathering shave gear. I reach into the cabinet and grab my favorite soap. Edwin Jagger sandalwood in a shiny pewter bowl. Looking into the bowl I see a small crescent moon at the bottom.

Yes my EJ puck is almost gone. For reasons quite unknown to me and whose ramifications I don’t care to consider, this makes me proud. In all the soaps I use, seeing one disappear gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I decide then and there to use this soap every day until it is gone. This will give me the chance to use a new soap sooner. I smile at the thought. An empty bowl needs a soap. Which shall I use? My always pleasant morning shave is a little more so while I ponder the choices.

The next day the crescent moon soap looks back at me. I lather and shave still happy at the thoughts of a new soap.

It’s Friday, right? My calendar says so. A week has passed. And still the crescent moon soap smiles at me from the bowl. My happiness turns to determination. I want a new soap! The crescent moon must go. I lather with gusto and build up more than I need.

Another week passes. It’s Friday again. The little crescent moon no longer makes me smile. I loathe it. I want it gone. How can soap evoke such feelings? First pride, then happiness followed by anticipation and determination.

This morning I decided I would not allow a sliver of soap to control my emotions. No sir, I am a man. I will not be bullied by a piece of soap.

I pried it out of the bowl and threw it away!

And I selected a C&E Nomad soap to start anew. Ahhh – back to happiness.


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 12-09-2012, 05:53 PM
  • matloffm
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Thanks. I really enjoyed that. Sadly, I suffer from the same disorder. Biggrin

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 12-10-2012, 02:05 AM
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Great writing, I could feel the chill outside and smell the wood burning!

I hope you love the Nomad, it is one of my very favorite soaps.

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 12-10-2012, 07:42 AM
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LOL. Great story. I haven't experienced that sensation yet. The puck mocking me and all. I'll think of this story when I finally do reach the bottom of the bowl.

Thanks for sharing.

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 12-10-2012, 08:21 AM
  • Johnny
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Phil, great write up. I had that same experience this morning. No dogs or firewood, but the freezing temps and 7" of snow to remove. My MWF is not at half moon status, but I did notice a small dimple starting to appear. It is a feeling of accomplishment.

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