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PLEASE READ: Ensuring a quality and harmonious forum.

Upon reviewing the unfortunate demise of some recent threads, it is the resolve of The Shave Nook Moderation Team to make a public announcement in relation to the conduct of members and your responsibility when submitting posts.

Here, at The Shave Nook, we pride ourselves on providing a positive environment for our membership to share their experiences and passion for traditional wet shaving. For the most part members conduct themselves cordially and as ladies and gentlemen. However, recently some posts have been perceived as personally emotive and negatively charged.

The central theme of our forum is sharing quality information on all things shaving related. This endeavor has the potential to be eroded when the tone of posts are perceived as damaging to a person or to a business. Posts that are perceived (regardless of the poster’s actual intent) as jeopardizing the quality of information contained in the thread and the overall quality of information contained on the site will not be permitted.

Some discussion is more appropriate through the Private Message option. This less public alternative allows the parties involved to achieve a complete understanding of an issue before presenting an informed comment to the entire membership for further elucidation. This not only ensures the quality of information shared, but the continuation of a harmonious environment in which to do it.

There are few rules on this forum, but membership of this forum is reliant on adherence to those rules.

Your Moderation Team.

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