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I'm still working on thinning my den of items I just don't really need. I have more than just brushes, but honestly it makes up the majority of my post. I'll delete the info on the brushes except for what they sold at the bottom to help show what's left.

To see more detailed pictures go to my album here: http://s635.photobucket.com/albums/uu71/...12%20sale/

Brushes -

Shavemac 173 3-band D01 -

[Image: Shavemac1731.jpg]

This is a 24mm D01 silvertip knot from Shavemac, and it has a loft of approximately 48-50mm high. I ordered it as a 23mm/53-54 but it turned out a bit shorter. The brush has a good solid knot and isn't a shedder. In use the handle isn't just a fit for my hand. It's seen about 25 uses and is still in great condition and comes with the box it shipped in and the information card and the little hair net Shavemac puts on them.

I would like $120 shipped first class for this brush.

Pre-Vulfix Simpson Beaufort 6 -

[Image: CarterBeaufort61.jpg]

I love the brush, especially the knot! What a superb knot! The thing I don't like so much is the heft of the handle. It doesn't have any heft really. Not like compared to the current brushes. This doesn't feel like a Pure when in use. It's still got some bit of scritch to it, but it's incredibly soft as well. I just think this would be better served being in another home.

I put clear nail polish on the lamp black lettering and the sticker. The sticker unfortunately started to smear a bit and is noticeable if you look closely. It lost 6 hairs in 26 uses. I had for some time with some brushes I kept track of the hair loss if anyone is curious about that. I don't keep track so much anymore. :laugh: It comes with the Simpson shaving instructions that came with the Pre-Vulfix brushes, and also the instructions that came with it from Em's Place, where I got it from.

I would like $100 shipped first class for this brush.

Semogue 2040 HD Silvertip –

[Image: Semogue20401.jpg]

The logo sticker has some smudges on it but doesn't take away excessively from it. I lost 11 hairs with this during 16 uses. It has a good density for having a high loft, but if you want sheer density it won’t be for you. A very good quality silvertip!

The knot measures at 21mm from my measurements instead of the quoted 22mm at a loft of 56-58mm.

I would like $65 shipped for this brush.

Coates Fitzwilliam made by Simpson -

[Image: Fitzwilliam1.jpg]

The measurements are: 18mm with a loft of 40mm. The brush has been used 25 times and only lost 5 hairs. It's a very nice solid little brush and while this pure grade isn't as nice as the Beaufort 6 it's still very nice considering some Pure I've tried. Too short of a handle, and small knots aren't a huge preference as it is.

I would like $40 shipped first class for this brush.

Shaving Soaps and creams -

Coates Limited Edition Shaving Cream -

[Image: Coatesshavingcream.jpg]

I never opened this as I have so many other items that need to be used, but now that I've learned that it's no longer available either, I don't want to tempt myself into liking it and then being sad it isn't around anymore. So I'll just sell it right here and now and save myself from that temptation. :laugh:

I would like $20 shipped first class for this item.

Mama Bear Soaps Hinoki Woods and Pepperberry -

[Image: mamabearsoaps.jpg]

I no longer like the scents. I overall find them just too strong for me unfortunately. It's hard to measure how much soap is left, but I would put it at 90% easily for both containers. I used very little of both. 5 times from both if that even. I'm going to do with these soaps to have it combined with just one other item. Shipping it by itself is quite expensive.

I would like $15 dollars for these soaps shipped priority WITH another item.

I'm willing to negotiate on prices, and also to note I will ship international. I'll go the difference of what the cost is shipped to you minus 4 dollars. So say from here to England is 10 dollars, then your added cost would just be 6. All payments via Paypal please!

I'll also consider trades, but I'm down to few items I'm really looking for. Some items would be: A Tradere All Stainless Solid Bar Razor, A Shavemac 90 in Finest 23mm knot preferrable but up to 26mm is good too, A shavemac 2-band D01 brush preferrably in the 23mm size but possibly smaller, any 2-band D01 really, and possibly a Chubby 3 in Best but I'm not totally decided on that. But feel free to make a trade offer or a lower price offer!


Simpson Berkeley 46 - Sold for $40
Shavemac 102 Extreme Flat Top 23/45 -
I would like to sell this brush for $100 shipped first class for this brush. Traded!
Simpson Classic 1 in Manchurian badger - Sold for $205
Muhle R41 Grande - Sold for $42
Vie-long “El Toro Ganso” aka “The Bull Goose” - Sold for $65
Simpson Case with Case - Sold for $45
B&B LE 09 Kent Butterscotch - Sold for $120
Simpson 3-band Super Tulip 2 - Sold for $120 $100
Savile Row 3124 Short loft - Sold for $65 dollars and Proraso Sandalwood bundled with it
Victoria Gold boar - Sold for shipping $5

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 12-15-2012, 05:39 PM
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Nice sale! A lot of great brushes.

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 12-15-2012, 05:40 PM
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Thank you tgutc! I accidently hit the post instead of the preview. I'll have the other folders with two of the brushes up in the album very soon!

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 12-15-2012, 05:42 PM
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Is the Vie Long the silvertip version?

I can see the photo now and my question is answered. I was confused on which one it was.

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 12-15-2012, 05:45 PM
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It's European White their 2-band version. But it's just as soft if not a bit softer than the silvertip version. It's the softest 2-band I've used without getting that gel like feeling I don't like.

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 12-15-2012, 06:11 PM
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That Victory boar is very tempting me...

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 12-15-2012, 06:52 PM
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My word...what a selection! You have me salivating sir. Such a fine collection of brushes.

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 12-15-2012, 07:48 PM
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The CL 1 Manchurian is one of my favourite brushes!

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 12-15-2012, 08:05 PM
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(12-15-2012, 07:48 PM)ben74 Wrote: The CL 1 Manchurian is one of my favourite brushes!

Mine too Ben Biggrin

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 12-15-2012, 08:21 PM
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Thanks for talking about the Classic 1 guys! Just sold it! Biggrin

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 12-17-2012, 01:20 PM
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All items have been shipped to their respective parties. Again feel free to make trade offers and I will flex on the prices as well!

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