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Venezia Soapworks is a brand that seems to be Big Lots premium offering in the soap department.At least I've never seen their offerings any where else.From what I've read in the past they were a California company that contracted out their factory to well known brands and to the hotel guest soap market.Cheap soaps from china and changes in the market nearly bankrupted them.They revamped their production and direction ,now they have quite a few offerings available.

Now onto the offering that is the subject of this post.Peppermint Pine seems to be one of their holiday offerings,like the rest of the line it is offered in a 2 bar pack for $2.50 ,the bars are large--7 oz each. No tallow, all veggie based ingredients.It lathers up well ,in fact I used it to shave with one day.Face lathered and worked it into a dense stable lather.But back to the shower use of it.As I said it lathers well,is not drying and leaves the skin squeaky clean,The scent is nice although the name is misleading.I detect no peppermint and no pine either.It is more of a spruce or fir scent,a crisp evergreen that does not smell like pine-sol.Rather nice.Actually the art work on the box shows a short needled tree bough.Like a spruce or fir not a pine.

In short it is a nice scent especially for the winter months,performance is good.Longevity,not sure but if it is like their offerings I have used in the past it will be respectable.

Pick up a couple of bars.

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